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  1. M

    New old guy - Grew 25 years ago - Getting up to speed

    Hello all. The landscape of mj has changed drastically since my days as a (younger) Humboldt hippy 25+ years ago. Moved on from that time and, as life often does, things have come full circle. So consider this my formal introduction. Thanks to all who contribute to this wonderful...
  2. G


    :420: like to say thank you for allowing me to join this wonderful group of smoker ppp my gf
  3. tkm953

    I Salute You

    Good Evening everyone,I now how hard gorilla grows can be and how rewarding,after all the worry and work,that,that buzz can be.To those growing in the legal States,I envy you,and to those growing behind the iron curtain,I applaud you.Spring and summer are exciting times for us growers,and I hope...
  4. K

    Do unto others

    :circle-of-love:Just getting back into.After 15 year break.Found a wonderful place .Kind regards to all☺Kitkat22