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  1. B

    Flooring for grow rooms

    Hi All, We are setting up a grow that will have about 5000 sqft (veg and flower), and the space currently just has a concrete floor. We're wondering if there is a better type of floor coating we should consider. Our local flooring store has come out, and is doing some investigating for...
  2. M

    Planting seeds

    I have read few different things and seen different videos where they recommend different times to plant your seed depending on how long your root is. I was wondering what you guys think is a proper time to plant them
  3. D

    CKS WW Auto - Newbie question. Is it flowering yet or just preflowering ?

    Hi, I'm pretty much of a newbie and it's my first grow. As I'm growing auto, I was just wondering if I should consider that my babies are starting to flower or we're still talking pre-flower here ? They are almost 5 weeks hence my question. (mostly wondering if I should switch the red spectrum...
  4. G

    Is this good weed

    Hello I am a newb and was wondering if this is good weed
  5. O

    CMH lighting

    Just finishing up with my 6'x8' grow room and will be needing to set up my grow system. wondering what everyones thought are on CMH lighting compared to HPS?
  6. Rider509

    Rider509 - Something is eating my seeds! Video

    So the first six beans of Hawaiian Mutt refused to germinate. I took a closer look and found that the seeds were being eaten by super tiny white worms. What the hell! I'm left wondering if they came over with the seeds or if they got to the seeds through the paper towel. The crazy thing is, I...
  7. C

    Are all LED grow lights the same? $100 vs $500 lights?

    Found some 1000 watt Led grow lights with good reviews for $149 on amazon. Wondering how they compare to the more expensive ones? Thanks
  8. N

    TopoGrow 300 W LED grow tent kit - 32x32x63"

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone can help me. I just purchased a grow tent kit with a 300w LED light. I'm wondering how many plants I can start and finish with this light. Thank you! image of kit:
  9. C

    Are these too small?

    Hi, I'm growing NL autos under a 300 watt LED, it's a closet grow. I'm just wondering if these are small in height for two week ladies? I'm wondering if she's root bound but I'm reluctant to transplant as I know it's not good for autos, any advice or comments appreciated thanks.
  10. P

    Comparing LED light options

    Hi I use a Diamond Series XML 350 to cover a 5x5 foot area. Things are doing great but the lamp was expensive. Now I see lamps like this one that are 108w and a fraction of the price and I'm wondering how good they are. How would it compare with the lamp I already have in terms of result...
  11. T

    Was wondering when my WW will start to flower?

    :420: i Live in sask, canada and i got some widows outside and was wondering when they should start to flower i started them on feb 14th and its now july 12th there about 5feet tall i got one in the ground and the other in a 5gallon pot. they are both looking great if anyone can assit ill be...
  12. anduin1

    Gorilla seed bank question

    So I have a gift card to the store and was wondering if anyone knows what the best genetics you can get from the store? I was hoping to find Mephisto autos or maybe Bodhi genetics but no dice so I'm wondering if anyone else has any strains they would pick above all else.
  13. D

    When do we see pre-flowers?

    My plants have been outside in the ground for about a month. Now that we hit the Summer Solstice we have 14.5 hrs of daylight. I'm wondering if I'm seeing pre flowers or just vegetative growth. I'm thinking it's too soon for pre flowers. Any commentary on the photo would be appreciated.
  14. Crianza

    Companion planting in the same container

    There are several plants that are natural pest repellents and I'm wondering if anyone has ever planted any in the same pot as cannabis. I usually plant marigolds and chives around my tomato plants and it works pretty good. I've never actually planted any in the same pot though so I'm wondering...
  15. Crianza

    Nectar for the Gods Soil Input

    I have been checking out different soils lately as was wondering if anyone has any experience using this soil, either the #4 or #8 mix. It seems to be comparable to FoxFarms Ocean Forest and wondering if its pretty hot as well or not and maybe what the ph is. :thumb:
  16. D

    Afghani strain?

    I am just wondering if anyone else has grown the strain called Afghani? I have 4 seeds that just sprouted and I'm wondering what to expect with them. Thanks!
  17. rct420

    How many plants underneath 1000w HPS 5x5?

    I have 4 right now just wondering if I should start more
  18. L

    Grow room is okay?

    Hi all, Currently getting some white cookie on the way and 3/5 seeds germinate from cks. the 2 other never show up I was wondering if my setup would be fine to grow 3 plants / enough space. I use some perlite and vermiculite and pro mix soil with distllied water up to now. Should i...
  19. Weezze

    DWC outside for veggies?

    I'm wondering if it would work? I live in a condo with a little balcony, during summer I grow cucumber and fine grass with dirt. But before the end of summer there's always some root bound. So I was wondering if DWC would work for my situation? My biggest problem is that the sun rise...
  20. Gardenseed

    Lemon Haze - Is it a Medicinal strain?

    If anyone has any information on this strain, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm wondering were it comes from and if any sponsors carry any in there seed bank. Thanks in advance. Leo