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    Male white widow x wonder woman
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    Ottothief's WonderWoman Soil Grow 2013

    Strain: Wonder Woman feminized hybrid skunk In veg for three weeks Indoor Soil: "Happy Frog," worm castings, Perlite, and areo rocks Five gallon pots Light: 400 halide - is not air cooled Have 10" oscillating fan blowing lightly Room temp: 79* RH: 41 to 45 No pest (fingers crossed) Every...
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    Wonderwoman, BlackJack, Snowhite 2 150W HPS

    Wonder woman has been in the flower stage for 9 days and Snow white has been vegging for 2 weeks Bj for about 40 days. Using fox farms ocean forest in misc. containers in order to fit them in my Pc box for veg. On the flowering plants im using big bloom and tiger bloom. Counted 18...
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