1. My Pyrology Purple Lollipop OG Recycler

    My Pyrology Purple Lollipop OG Recycler

  2. M

    I am happy to be part of this great team

    Hello I hope to get the best and good friends we have a lot to offer and we work so hard to make cannabis legal i all of USA
  3. Ron Strider

    Bigfoot, Bullets And Bud: My Insane Humboldt County Weed Harvest

    "All aboard," Brady snickered, as he opened the rear door of a horse trailer hitched to a narcoleptic mid-'90s Suzuki Samurai. The trailer's windows were boarded over with stained scraps of plywood. I climbed right in, along with 16 others who had trekked to this remote mountain farm in Humboldt...
  4. H

    Hand watering Hydroton

    Hey Guys, Just wanted to gain some knowledge. what I'd like to know is, can i start my seeds in cocopeat jiffyplugs and once the roots start poking outta the plugs.. can i place the plant into.. say a 1 or 2 gallon smart pot filled with ONLY hydroton.. and manually hand-water the plants...
  5. Ron Strider

    MA: First Cannabis Control Commission Public Meeting Held On Beacon Hill

    The Cannabis Control Commission held their first public meeting on Beacon Hill on Tuesday. The Commission's first order of business is to develop a work plan to meet deadlines set by the state's marijuana law. The commission's chairman said they'll need money, technology and staff. Voters...
  6. AnimaSola

    Gif Cannabis a Chance!

    Just wanted to see if gifs work on this site
  7. Ron Strider

    Why Millennials Really Want To Work In The Cannabis Industry

    Finding jobs as a millennial isn't an easy proposition. With a workforce that requires experience for entry-level positions or accepting unpaid internships, most millennials struggle with acquiring work. But one area has not only enticed millennials, but actively recruited them: the cannabis...
  8. Ron Strider

    MI: Medical Marijuana Growers, More Sought For State Work Groups

    The Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation is forming five stakeholder work groups to provide policy suggestions on a new law that will license medical marijuana dispensaries in Michigan. A series of medical marijuana changes passed into law last year aimed to clear up legal gray areas...
  9. J

    Legal or not?

    So I was on short term disability and off work for about 2 months with a back injury suffered outside of work. upon being released to return to work by my doctor I was told I would have to take a return to work U.A. I WAS a member of management at my job for over 5 years and knew I would be...
  10. DesignerGenes

    The Pencil Is The Wrench of The Chromosome Mechanic

    Hi Folks, DesignerGenes checking in. Experienced grower (outdoor soil as in planted right in the ground, outdoor coco DTW, indoor coco modified hempy, indoor coco/perlite autopots, indoor rock wool recirculating drip), mostly growing balanced CBD:THC strains for medical users. Non-commercial...
  11. M

    Hi every one

    Hi just to introduces my self my name is Dino and i work at Montreal Cannabis Seeds
  12. Ron Strider

    CA: Supervisors Consider Conflict Potential In Cannabis Contracts

    Humboldt County is hiring consulting firms to assist its commercial marijuana permitting process and the issue of conflict of interest is on the radar, as some local firms are seeking to work with the county but are also assisting permit applicants. At its June 6 meeting, the Board of...
  13. Ron Strider

    Canada: Howard Levitt: What Marijuana's Legalization Means For The Workplace

    With the imminent legalization of marijuana, some reaction as to the alleged repercussions to Canada's employers border on the hysterical. Some fear that employees will be hovering ten metres from office entrances getting in their puffs on their way to or during work. Others worry that the...
  14. K

    Pest control After disasters

    Coping with bed insects, needed to order a gallon of Sterifab to combat them. i am questioning it might be very hard to address bed bugs in a post disaster situation. I don't work for any corporation and get not anything out of this... but Sterifab is notable for bed bugs and sterilization. I...
  15. Ron Strider

    Cannabis Experts Take Center Stage At CSU-Pueblo

    The Institute of Cannabis Research (ICR) at Colorado State University-Pueblo will host its international, multidisciplinary cannabis research conference starting tonight (Friday) and concluding on Sunday on the CSU-Pueblo campus. The conference will celebrate a myriad of research and...
  16. T

    Hey Everybody! Im a WeedTuber!

    I really hope you guys will enjoy my new project that i rly put alot of work and time and money in, so please check it out :Namaste:
  17. Katelyn Baker

    CA: Growing - Art, Life And Cannabis In Mendocino County

    In 2016, the Oakland Museum of California presented an award-winning exhibition called Altered State: Cannabis in California. In the same year, the people of California voted to end prohibition of the recreational use of cannabis. As we enter a new era of cannabis in California, what will...
  18. J

    Will this LED light work for me to grow?

    I have 2 of these led lights and a 4'x4'x6' grow tent will these lights work for me? Im not sure how to upload pic but I will try. I don't know if that worked sry. if not it is 50w 4900 lumens 5000k operating temp 40c to 55c model number is FL01-50w sry can't fig out how to post pic can't...
  19. Katelyn Baker

    CO: Hickenlooper - More Work To Do On Pot

    Denver - Colorado, a pioneer in marijuana legalization, has more work to do on pot. That's the word from Gov. John Hickenlooper, who told lawmakers Thursday that loopholes in home grow and caregiver laws have allowed illegal pot grows to flourish. Hickenlooper said in his annual state of...
  20. M

    Any Electricians?

    K, if I have a 105w but and a 75w drop light receptical for it will the buld work properly.. Will it get hot and burn out Will it just not work to its full potential What are the problems if any would there be behind using this for now till i can get the proper equip for the buld.. I...
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