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  1. Weezze

    My very easy recipe for cannabis & coconut oil

    I've made cannabis/coconut oil using this method a lot of times the past year and everytime it worked great! :) Here's what I need: cannabis coconut oil lecithin granules aluminium foil aluminium foil tray strainer bowl cheesecloth teaspoon tablespoon oven oven thermometer
  2. C

    LST Autoflowers

    Good idea to LST autoflowers? I keep reading mixed reports about it, anybody done it and had success or anybody done it and its not worked out? What's people's opinions on this?
  3. C

    Help with first time deficiency

    Hi all Could anyone look at these leaves and tell me whats going on. I tried many different things but nothing has worked. This only showed up a bout a week ago, 3rd week into flower.... Thanks!
  4. W

    New ultra sick crondo sherlock!

    i just got this piece from crondo. this guy really hooked this one up and i absolutely love it!! the sections that appear white are actually color changing warm yellow. i hope you enjoy the pics!!:cool027:
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