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  1. Curly Beaver

    The Curly Beaver Den

    This is a place for me to post odd ball "stuff" that doesn't really fit anywhere else. I'll start it with a wood working project that I have been working on. I am new to vaping but quickly noticed that I had stuff spread out all over the place and could never find what I needed. So I got a...
  2. S

    Hello all

    I have a General Hydroponics Rainforest 66. I pretty certain I assembled it correctly. It has 13 gallons of nutrient in it. My question is simple. How do I tell if the vortex device is working? I dont see, nor can I feel any mist being produced. Thanks for any and all help .
  3. Ron Strider

    CO: Men Arrested In Rifle With 120 Pounds Of Marijuana From "Nearby" Grow Site

    The regional drug task force arrested four men found with about 120 pounds of marijuana last week in Rifle. A couple of the men said they were working at a grow site somewhere in the mountains. A Rifle police officer on patrol Wednesday spotted an SUV without working brake lights that...
  4. Ron Strider

    First Legal 500-Acre Hemp Farm In Kentucky Unveiled

    It's a complicated subject, but today Eric Wang wanted to make sure no question went unanswered. "I call it ground zero for hemp," Wong told WKYT. He's talking about a 500-acre hemp farm housed in Harrison County. A farm that's been years in the making. That's Brian Furnish he's...
  5. P

    Desktop button not working

    I'm using mobile and only been around a few days. When I started I could switch to desktop to like post and such. This morning I find it's not working. Hoping it's an update or something. Any other mobile users having this problem?
  6. Ron Strider

    N.B. Committee on Cannabis Will Hold Public Consultations in July

    The legislature's committee on marijuana legalization and regulation will hold public consultations across the province in July, the government announced Monday. The committee made up of members of the government and opposition will use the report produced by the working group, which was...
  7. B

    LED problems

    yo just wondering if a UFO 216W Full Spectrum LED and a few 20w 2700k cfls would do for two plants in a dwc setup space I'm working with a is a walk in closet any help would be much appreciated thanks
  8. P

    Nova Ardent lift decarboxylator - DON'T BUY !!!

    Nova Ardent lift decarboxylator - DON'T BUY !!! Just bought this item and after 1 single use, it is already not working, not heating anymore. That is only an expensive shit that is not even working. You can do better with your oven. Their customer service is awful; they couldn't care...
  9. B

    Will I Pass?

    Hey everyone, My first time posting here. I have an upcoming position which I will be drug tested for three weeks from today. I assume it will be a top quality urine test as it is working at the headquarters of a state's hospital. Now some background... I am 6'5 and weigh about 200 pounds...
  10. K

    CA: Cannabis Policy Working Group Hears Community Input

    The Cannabis Policy Development Working Group of Willits City Council is working to draft an ordinance for commercial cannabis cultivation licenses. Current City ordinance states "the cultivation of more than six marijuana plants at any location within city limits will likely result in an...
  11. J

    Mg deficiency

    So very new to the internet and growing the research I've done points toward a magnizium deficiency the stem connecting the fan leaves to the main stem is turning red/purple my question is will a Mg supplement designed for people work for correcting this. I'm on a tight budget and my wife is not...
  12. G

    Best Growing Accessories

    Title says it all. I came across something called LST Tops. saw them in a few youtube channels and ended up making my own! I want to know what you guys are working with that has helped you and/or is something you guys cant imagine working without. TrimTray is another one for me...
  13. R

    Anyone have success with Aquaponics?

    Thinking dutch buckets or grow beds. I don't see this working well with a raft system. Input?
  14. Z


    Sup guys... I've found my way here from somewhere else. They've had so many forum problems I'm expanding my community and hopefully to a place that doesn't ruin my long grow journal posts (Would spend an hour writing out specs to post and have the website crash and all my work gone). Anyways...