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    Greetings Brothers and Sisters Its Sister Vee from South Africa and ii give thanks for this forum and everyone's contributions ii look forward to Cannabis Enlightment Blessed:circle-of-love:
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    Tent with 400watt cool air reflector

    I have a 400 Watt cool air reflector ,the whole 9 4/4/84 tent how many plants can I grow
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    Any ideas

    Well I know these type of questions come all the time but I'm 5'11 235 and heavy smoker for last 90 days I have 15 days till urinalysis I bought a bottle of ultimate gold and I heard niacin works as well but not really sure if anything works so I'm here to get advice from you guys
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    Dying leaves flowering

    I need some help I've been having an issue with leafs dying during mid flower it starts from the bottom and works it's way up to the upper fan leaves if anyone has any advice it please let me know
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    Seeing if this works

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    Can this really lower your electric cost for growing

    does anyone know if this works? how to lower your electric bill ... Oncor said I was meter tampering Really ! - YouTube
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    Has any one tried the Octapot, check them out, soil and hydro hybrid. To pricey for me but if the principal works, I believe I could make my own version. :volcano-smiley:
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    Carbon Filters

    Listen, I've been using can-filters to keep the smell down. it works great during the grow but at harvest it lets me down very much. does anyone know a carbon filter that works at harvest also.