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worm castings

  1. T

    Help me blend some soil - First time grower

    Hi, I've attempted to grow a plant before, which died due to root rot, mainly because the soil was so crap it gave the plant huge drainage issues. So this time I wanted to do it right and I want to make sure I get the soil right. This is for a single plant, just for my medicinal use so I'm...
  2. ClosedCircuit

    $20 DIY Worm Bin - Make your own worm castings!

    $20 Worm Bin DIY Overview: I know some of us here are interested in becoming self sufficient Cannabis growers. I'd like to take that same path so I wanted to share this project with you all so maybe someone else can take some inspiration from it and direct their methods towards self...
  3. HotshotShorty

    Worm castings, vermicompost, recycle, organic

    Greetings, I have found a worm bin for $25 used. From EVERYTHING that I have read, worm castings(worm poop) is/are ultra fantastic for gardens. I am not going hydro, so I am going to give vermicomposting(composting using worms) a try. They say, worms will consume most any vegetable matter...
  4. W

    Worm castings?

    Hello fellow 420 enthusiasts. I am new to growing and I have heard from numerous sources that organic is the best way to grow for the best tasting buds. Well that being said I for sure want to try it out. However I don't know exactly how to go about using the worm castings. I know you can make...
  5. K

    Worm Castings for plants

    Worm castings are the very best natural organic soil that I have found to grow plants it. They are expensive, it is best to start your own worm bin. If you are in San Diego there are several worm ranchers that can get you started making your own Potting Soil!!
  6. T

    Sour diesel in a worm casting mix

    What strain is it: Sour Diesel Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid:.... not to sure ive read some conflicting information on whether it is a sativa or indica Is it in Veg or Flower stage: currently cloning in the ez-cloner If in Veg... For how long: N/A Indoor or outdoor: Indoor Soil or Hydro...
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