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  1. K

    Tiny Worms Killing My Germinate Seeds

    This is my 6th indoor growing season. Have been using 1/3 foxfarm, 1/3 coco, 1/3 perlite for the soil. My seeds were started by soaking in ph balanced Hydrozime in RO water (5ml/quart) until the seeds pop exposing the start of a tap root. Then the seeds are planted in the soil 1/4" deep. This...
  2. costgrowCA

    Composting Coco Coir

    Has anyone tried composted Coco coir. I started a block in late November. It's just about ready to be sifted and used for some clones(currently rooting). I used 1 block of coco, 5 gallon bucket of green waste from my house, 2 very large pumpkins, a dozen powered eggshells, and about 3 lbs of...
  3. L

    Worms in soil from castings?

    I am in mid-week #8 and just flushed my 3 plants. While dumping the run-off, I noticed what looked like 2 dead small worms (could have sworn 1 moved). I have been using worm castings as a top dressing and wondering if there could be eggs that developed into worms within my soil. I purchased the...
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    Blew Hiller Vermicompost
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    Blew Hiller Vermicompost
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    Blew Hiller Vermicompost
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    Blew Hiller Vermicompost
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    Blew Hiller Vermicompost
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    Blew Hiller Vermicompost
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    Blew Hiller Vermicompost
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    Blew Hiller Worm Bin
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    Blew Hiller Worm Bin
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    Blew Hiller Worm Bin
  14. IMG_9711.jpg


    Blew Hiller Worm Bin
  15. IMG_9710.jpg


    Blew Hiller Worm Bin
  16. Worm Shelf.png

    Worm Shelf.png

    Stacked but accessible
  17. M

    NEED HELP! Black worms in the res

    Hi, today I have open my res and found this nasty black worms... I don't see any symptoms on the plant. However, in the last two weeks or so, I am trying to figure why the plants doesn't eat the nuts I'm giving her and the ppm keep raising everyday. The room temperatures are 28.6 top. In...
  18. MehGreenThumb


    Will be growing indoors. Curious if I should grab a few earthworms per plant and drop them into the soil. Thoughts?
  19. D

    Storing soil

    With this being my 1st post, I figured I would start at the beginning which is where I am right now. SOIL. I have been farming worms for about a year now. I started with 500 and that has almost tripled. I occasionally use the soil to fertilize my plants, but now my hardworking worms are...
  20. TorturedSoul

    White worms! Crawling across the ceiling, coming down on web strands

    So I'm trying to set up this small grow. It's in the top of an old building. No heat to speak of in the Winter, roasting hot now, and woefully inadequate (120v) amperage. IOW, I have enough to deal with, lol. I had time to go up there today. It was, as expected, miserably hot. What I didn't...
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