1. R

    Leaves yellowing too fast

    Hi im new to the forum and growing and can do with some help please,im 5 1/2 weeks since switching to 12/12 and have problems with yellowing bottom/middle fan leaves,growing with 400w hps ph 6.5 ionic nutes 5ml/l bloom 1ml/l calmag was giving pk boost but cut that out last feed incase was the...
  2. B

    Light Burn ~5 weeks into flower

    I have 5 girls going: 1 o'haze red, 2 critical kush, and 2 blueberry. They are currently at 32 days into flower. The calyxes are just starting to fatten up & really look like bud. Last week, I noticed the OR & one of the blueberries started showing some light burn on the top few fan...
  3. A

    Slight leaf curl - What's the cause and should I be worried!

    I noticed this slight leaf curl today should I be worried and what could be the cause! It's possible the smaller plants are from overwatering because of the flushed soil when I transplanted. But the bigger plant hasn't been watered in 6 days today. I was planning on watering tonight...
  4. K

    Issue with curled leaves

    Hi everyone, I'm glad to meet you, I'm new to the forum and I'm on the second cultivation experience. I'm worried about a couple of curled leaves. The color of the leaves is correct, they are just a bit curled. The plant in question coexists with other 5 germs the same day (21 days ago), but...
  5. K

    What's wrong? Help! I am worried.. :(

    What's the problem, why are the letters like this? :( I am worried...
  6. D

    How hot is too hot?

    So I built a grow box a couple days ago while waiting for my seed to germinate and there was a delay in my grow lights getting here. Now the seed is more then ready to be planted. So I went to my local mall (small town only one for hundreds of kilometers) and picked up you a couple 16 watt led...
  7. D

    Anyone is this Auto Blueberry a Hermie

    Okay checking plants out and I found these swollen pod lookin things . I'm a newbie so be easy with . I'm just worried is all .
  8. W

    Got a serious problem - Need advice or help

    I was using creams and vaping shatter waxes (both high potency THC & CBD) all fall for joint pain - Knees, a shoulder and both ankles. I chose these to get off of prescription opiates. (and successfully so!) I have worked as a contract project mgr. all this time. I learned of an upcoming...
  9. K

    Am I ready for harvest?

    Hey was wondering if anyone could tell me if im ready for harvest from my photos. Also if I am, I haven't flushed yet? does this matter? I don't really wanna soak my plant as currently have fungus gnats and worried about creating more moisute! Any help would be appreciated.
  10. N

    Some progress pics on my 1st grow with 1 plant

    This was March 14th, This was today, Should I be worried about the yellowing on the leaves? Thanks :Namaste:
  11. G

    Stealth exhaust in winter ideas?

    O.K. here is my problem. I am getting ready to set up my 4x4 grow tent in an apartment back room. I have to exhaust out of window. (only choice) this window directly faces the street and everyone can see. For summer I am not worried since I plan on putting a window fan in window and atach...
  12. F

    Worried about too much CFL & LED light on my infant seedlings

    Hi 420, new grower here. I just germinated 10 white widow seeds. They all cracked (10/10 props to Crop King) and grew taproots, and once the taproots were about 1/2" long, I planted them into solo cups. It's a coco coir / perlite medium. Moistened with pH'd water. I put the cups under about...
  13. N

    Does Stat Flush work?

    Well 1st I've been meaning to subscribe to this magazine for awhile and its pretty cool so far. Anyways, I got busted with pot and may have to get probation and wanted to purchase Stat Flush because two friends have told me about it but I wanted to be sure. I have court in about 5 days and...
  14. ZaineFyrBlaz

    Leaves in early stages have grey patches, but they disappear as the mature?!

    Ok, here's my dilemma! I am a some what experienced grower and decided to start back after a few year jihadis. Of the five bag seed plants I started the season with, with the sole purpose of testing a new site/area, two died of animal consumption, one got stunted by an unknown...
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