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  1. D

    Pollinated female?

    Hi guys. Are these trichome balls seeds? Is my plant pollinated? Should I worry about it? Thanks in advance!
  2. K

    Issue with curled leaves

    Hi everyone, I'm glad to meet you, I'm new to the forum and I'm on the second cultivation experience. I'm worried about a couple of curled leaves. The color of the leaves is correct, they are just a bit curled. The plant in question coexists with other 5 germs the same day (21 days ago), but...
  3. J

    Looking to grow soon - Need an experienced point of view to review

    Hi I am looking to grow soon and would like someone have review my setup/etc to prevent newbie mistakes. Just making sure everything is on the line. Here is my plan for my setup: Tent: 100cmx100cmx180cm Light: 250w HPS + 200Watt LED Nutes: Foxfarm Trio for soil Strains: fastbuds gorilla...
  4. DeadHeadTed

    White spots - Anything to worry about?

    If a growing plant has white spots that rub off, kinda like ash, is it anything to worry about? Mold? Cheers :-)
  5. D

    Roots turned colors - Bad or no worry?

    (DWC bubble bucket no reservoir)I'm in beginning of week five veg. End of week four changed my water also went to stronger blend of nutes. Day later my roots are light brown-dark brown in some areas. Two days now still colored. The roots were pearly white before this change out(Ppm@1220) what...
  6. K


    What are these banana looking things hanging from random flower sights. Dont look like seed pods.! Do i need to worry or take it oit away from the other plants?
  7. C

    Yellowing leaves, should i worry?

    Nitrogen deficiency? Except these leaves plant looks nice