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  1. 4

    Lift Expo Vancouver 2018

    I got a push notification from Groupon about tickets for this event. I'd never heard of it before. I'm kind of surprised that a search of the forums here didn't bring up much information either, just an informational post about the same event in September of 2016. Has anybody ever heard of...
  2. G


    Z7..... thoughts?.... worth trying?
  3. Ron Strider

    California's Marijuana Farmers Fear Crops Could Go Up In Smoke

    Marijuana farmers and dispensary owners across Northern California are nervously watching as wildfires burn through some of the state's prime cannabis growing areas and destroy valuable crops, which could drive up prices for consumers across the country. "This is right smack in the middle of...
  4. Ron Strider

    Aus: $850k Worth Of Cannabis Seized From Brisbane Rental

    More than $800,000 worth of cannabis has been seized from a rental property in Brisbane's south-west. A tip-off from the public led police to search of a Heathwood address on Tuesday afternoon where they discovered an "active and sophisticated" cannabis hydroponic house with more than 170...
  5. A

    6" Inline Blower & Filter

    I can get one shipped to me on eBay for 200ish CND. Are they worth it, do they keep your home from stinking? I made one but I dont think it will suffice during flowering. Also... How loud are these?
  6. T


    I got 2 reflector 48 lights in a meter squere tent ,I got a 2 foot 2 tube t5 not being used is it worth putting it in there I think it puts out 48 watts thanks Tim
  7. J

    Blue Dream F. Auto. still hope or not ?

    Hi Everyone. I have a situation here that I couldn't find an useful answer anywhere. This is my first grow x2 Auto blue dream in Coco, exact same feed / conditions for the 2. LED Mars Hydro 300 + x3 24W CFL's. One of the two had a lot of deformities and grew very differently to the...
  8. Gardenseed

    What's the most you would pay for seeds?

    Face it, seeds are expensive. but what are they really worth? I just got 5 OG KushxHaze for 65$ What the hell??!! Anyway I think were getting ripped off. Honest opinion, what are seeds realy worth?
  9. S

    Nutrient and feeding question

    So for fun I priced out a crop worth of advanced nutrient expert level. 524.00 worth of nutes for a crop? I priced it at 30 gallon size grow. 6 - 5 gallon buckets. And just keep 35 gallons in ebb and flow resevoir even if it's a 66 gallon res. This is according to the chart wich is 6 weeks then...
  10. W

    Grow Boxes - Are they worth it?

    I'm brand new to the entire growing process and I'm seeking a method that is discreet and easy for a beginner. I've been looking into the large grow boxes and while they're a bit expensive, it would be worth it to me as long as they work because I can keep the grow out of the sight of my nosey...
  11. Grebs

    Fox Farm's Cha Ching worth trying?

    Hi, I just finished my 6th week from 12/12 and have been using beastie bloomz the past 2 weeks. About 4 times with waterings of just water in between. 2 on 1 off if you will. Anyways I'm considering grabbing some cha ching. Is it worth it? Am I too late to use it? I need at least 1 full week...
  12. T

    Coco run off question

    Just wondering if I'm putting in an EC of 1.5 and run off is 1.0 is it worth upping the feeds?
  13. N

    Seedling drooping big time and getting worse

    This is my seedling on day 2. It is an autoflower. As you can see the leaves are drooping big time; I'm thinking overwater? They were started from seed in the jiffy pellet in the net pot. 300W Mars Hydro 20-4 cycle. I cut a bunch of the jiffy pellet off from the start so it's only maybe 2...
  14. mount

    DE vs Single Ended

    Anyone using a DE 1000 who also used a 1000 single ended? Trying to figure out if they are worth the extra cost? Any advice is appreciated!
  15. CropKingSeeds

    Win A Trip To CannaGrow Expo In Denver for Two - Worth $2000

  16. C

    Re-vegging a plant vs. a clone?

    So I know that re-vegging a flowering clone can produce aggressive growth, but my question is this; would you get exponentially more aggressive growth if you re-vegged a girl that had multiple flower sites? Would the time it would require to bring a plant into flowering until she produces bud...
  17. B

    Price of weed in Belgium and Netherlands

    In Brussels, a king size joint's worth of weed costs around €20. Is it cheaper in the Rotterdam coffeeshops? A round trip by train from Brussels to Rotterdam costs about €40 - is it worth travelling to Rotterdam to get cheaper weed?
  18. Nutria

    Glass tips

    Yo smokers A friend of mine told me about those glass made tips like the ones from Roor or Og. Did you guys ever try it? I was thinking about buying one if it's worth it. They told me it makes the smoke much more smooth and cold and that is what I am looking for.
  19. R

    Illinois: Worth Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opening After Delays

    The new medical marijuana dispensary in Worth has past final inspections and is scheduled to open this weekend. "They were delayed a week because they were waiting for furniture," said Worth Mayor Mary Werner. "But they should be ready Friday. But once the product is delivered, they will only...