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    AK-47 - Purps - Train Wreck x Hash Plant

    Only have a lil bit left of these. So I wanted to get some photos before I smoke them. All smoked proper, but the tw x hp was the best out of the three. Check em out AKs I cracked this one open so you can see inside Purps Train Wreck x Hash Plant
  2. 9

    Advice in growing Train Wreck strain

  3. C

    Auto Trian Wreck Photos

    DAY16 DAY14
  4. O

    Old Fart's Summer Grow Industrial Plant Auto & Train Wreck Auto In Soil

    Strains. 2 Dinafem high cbd industrial plant autos and 1 Crop King train wreck auto Soil. Promix veg and herb with some 25 % coco and 10% perlite mixed in Containers. 3 gal. 2 dirt pots and 1 plastic Nutes etc. On this grow I will be adding cal mag and some nutes( not sure what yet). I will...
  5. I

    Train Wreck by CKS newbie grow

    Hello, First grow, just wanted some opinions/tips. Train wreck by CKS 50/50 peatmoss-perlite 21L bucket General Hydro Ponics; bioroot, calimag, micro, grow, and bloom. Temp usually around 25-29C RH - 30% 18 on / 6 off currently 1 - 12w 2' LED sunblaster grow light 6500k (2000 lumens) 4...
  6. N

    Train Wreck newbie

    Any help would be great thanks guys
  7. JM26

    JM26 Presents CKS AutoFem Train Wreck: The First Adventure

    Hello my fellow Green :thumb: Today is an important milestone in my life (well the 16th was) and I'm so excited to be able to share it with those of you that have stumbled upon this. I've been a smoker for more than half of my life, and I'm finally in a position where I can produce my own bud...
  8. S

    Train Wreck

    Just ordered some train wreck from CKS if any one has harvested this strain please tell me about the plant, was it an easy grow?
  9. S

    Which strain should I grow?

    Debating whether to grow train wreck or white cookies ??
  10. K

    You Made My Weed Grow - Thank You To All Posters

    :thumb: First grow Growing Amnesia Haze Auto and Train Wreck Auto @ 7 weeks old from Cropking seeds
  11. R

    Ice Wreck

    Ice wreck from crop king seeds
  12. T

    Ice Wreck Nutrients

    What kind of nutrients does Ice Wreck need?
  13. G

    "Shipwreck" Anyone have info?

    Greetings Everyone, from Boston. Picked up some "Shipwreck" tonight. Was referred to as medicinal, which i assumed meant indica dom strain. Did a little searching and some ppl said its a more sativa dom strain. Anyone know? or have any more info on it? Very chill relaxed high, smells pretty...
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