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  1. SeedsMan

    Dear Seedsman Competition - Win Your 250 Euros Christmas Wishlist

    Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous, healthy 2018! Seasons Greetings from the Seedsman team We hope to hear from you all in the new year, we have many new and exciting things planned for 2018. :cheer2: It s the most wonderful time of year! Dont write to Santa, write...
  2. N

    Help: Need a doctor

    Our doc won't write one. We need help.
  3. R

    Massachusetts's Most Powerful Politicians Come Out Against Legal Marijuana

    A trio of the state's major power brokers is opposed to the coming proposal to legalize marijuana in Massachusetts, saying it would be dangerous and expensive in an op-ed in The Boston Globe. "The question before us now is whether marijuana should be fully legal and widely available for...
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