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  1. 4

    Whats wrong with my seedlings?

    Can some one tell whats wrong with this seedlings? It's pineapple express auto, in week 1 leaves looks kind of yellow curly. im feeding them with quarter doze of Fox farm nutrient and cal-mag ppm 330, tap water ppm130 ,ph around 5.8-6 temp is always around 75 and humidity around 70 so...
  2. Empyrium

    What's wrong with my plants?

    hello everyone i have 8 plant under 600watt led. in 2 galoon plastic pot with 50.50 peat moss and perlite. first sign of issue showed up in seedling there's some yellow or brown dots in leaf and now there's progressing in veg. i took some picture please let me know what's wrong with my plants.
  3. F

    Hey I need help

    I'm a newbie at this it's my first time growing a plant and the nugs aren't that big were did I go wrong
  4. D

    Auto White Widow - Foxtail?

    Hi, I have two out of four of my auto white widows that seem to be of a different pheno though I might be wrong and they're foxtailing. Anyhow, I'm at day 65 from seed. They have a crapload of pistils but are lacking the weight though I guess they can still pull it out or did something went...
  5. T

    What causes this?

    Hello 420 fellow... fellas This is my first grow, and i didnt do all the research before i started growing.. I was convinced growing indoor was given the term "hydroponic", to my surprise i was comepletely wrong, I now know it's growing plants without soil <- indication to how big a retard i...
  6. B

    Advice needed

    Some of the leaves are drooping and some are curling a little on the sides. Is this normal or what could be wrong? They are 9 days old and this is my first grow. (Picture below)
  7. C

    Am I doing anything wrong so far?

    My first plant. Anything I can do to improve her?
  8. D

    What's wrong with my plant?

    Coco coir. :D Looks like the early stages of some kind of problem. Nute burn or nutrient deficiency?
  9. R

    What's wrong with my plant?

    Hi there. Does anyone know what is wrong with my plants? I'm thinking it may be a PH inbalance or a magnesium deficiancy? Both new and old leaves have yellow sections. It looks like the viens are still green.
  10. D

    Help Please! Something's Wrong With My Girls

    It's like this randomly throughout my 2 girl scout cookie clones. They are mature plants and have all purple stems. This is my first grow so not sure where I went wrong. Thanks for any help.
  11. B

    Couldn't identify what's wrong - Need help!

    so thats one of my plants (first grow) i have ne idea whats wrong with it ... if you please could help me identify or evenf fix the problem ill be happy thanks
  12. Jfkingz535

    What am I doing wrong

    Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong my lease are starting to droop and how do I tell if this is male or female
  13. J

    What is wrong with my marijuana plant?

    So im not sure what wrong with my plant. I have 6 of them. All planted on 3/11/17. The white spot you see are just organic bug repellant powder, but some of the plant bottom leaves look like they are drying or turning yellow. Wondering why these plant are still so short and small. They're not...
  14. B

    What is wrong with this little lady? Doc?

    hello herb doctors, what do you think wrong with this little girls she is almost 2 weeks old and all of her friends are growing like on steroids.
  15. T

    Yellow patched and curling leaves

    Struggling with this grow, it's only my second one and something has gone wrong... Growing some blue cheese in coco, here's some details * Ph 5.8 of water going in and out * 5 plants under 2 x 600watt lights with digital ballasts, vegging was done under magnetic ones * temps 27oc...
  16. B

    Can someone help me - What's wrong with these plants?

    Does anyone know what's wrong with these plants they are in week 5 of flower I'm using Roots organic soil I'm using Botanicare products liquid Karma Cal Mag Plus bloom and sweet Raw I water with nurse every 3 to 4 days as needed depending on soil at a pH of 6.6 has anyone experienced this or...
  17. S

    Help - Berry Auto

    I am growing berry auto seeds. I planted my sprouts june 1. It has been abot 75 days and my plants are avout 5 ft tall and i have no sign of flowering. They are in 5 gal. Buckets. Gowing under lights. My jock horror planted on the same day are short but flowering great. Is there something wrong...
  18. T

    Went away for weekend and this happened?

    Hey guys, my plant is going to be harvested in the next few days. Went away for the weekend and gave it water with no nutrients to try and flush it. I came back after two light cycles and this is what I saw :/ Has anyone got an idea what's wrong?
  19. F

    2 plants 2 different problems

    this is a NL x Big Bud I can't tell what's wrong with it any idea nuts burn? This is NL auto but looks to me to not be getting enough nitrogen any opinions and help would be appreciated
  20. B

    What's wrong with my baby?

    Wilted and yellowing on one side. I thought maybe sun was burning it so I moved it to a different location with less direct sunlight. Am I doing this right
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