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  1. M

    White Widow x Big Bud & Night Nurse Fem - Coco & Perlite - DTW - 440 Actual Draw LED

    Hello!! I'm Stooby, this will be my second grow here. I'll run down my setup, and all other particulars first. Grow Environment -2x4x5 mylar grow tent (tent is in a small utility room, which has central a/c piped in) -1x 390 CFM 6" inline duct fan (Apollo Hort.) (direct exhaust, no ducts)...
  2. triggz2k15

    New grower and new here!

    Hi there everyone first time posting hear and first time grower. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas or tips for me. I currently have a 1x1x2m budbox tent, a sol digital 400w digital ballast that can be set to 250w 275w and ovb 400w. Also I got a sol digital dual spectrum 400w bulb that works...