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  1. J

    Looking For A Experienced Grower's Help - Please Read

    I Have Everything To Complete 4 Different Grows " Everything And If I Need Something I Have $ " I Am Looking For A Experienced Growers Advice Different Grow Setups And Some Stuff I Have 1 - Miricale Gro Potting Mix + Eartworm Castings + Perlite + Sand 100% Natural + And Clay Pebble's...
  2. Emilya

    Computerized X-10 garden control system

    This is the basic X-10 appliance module. They are readily available either new from the company or used on ebay for very good prices. Using these modules it is possible to control everything in the grow room, from lights to pumps to fans and anything inbetween. By using the same code, you can...