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  1. Weezze

    Red Russian XXL - 2'x2' - DWC - Mars-Hydro Mars Pro II 80

    Welcome to my new journal! :) This is a Red Russian XXL from Victory Seeds, it's a freebie that I got with the Amnesium. It is a cross between AK47 and White Widow, mostly indica it should be pretty strong! :53: I've grown her under a little light for a few weeks, then I transplanted from...
  2. OldSchool 64

    Oldschool's Big Ole Auto Grow - Sweet Trainwreck & White Widow XXL

    Ok everyone time for a new grow..got things started here.. White widow xxl Sweet trainwreck/ two plants per pot....21 pots.. Happy frog soil Fox farm trio nutes Lights.three mars 700's and two mars 144 reflectors.space 11 ft by 3 ft so there u have it hope you all join the fun.. peace all...
  3. Y


    Hello greeners. What is your tought about the Budbomb? I can't post links here as I'm a noob on this forum but I would be very much interested in what are your thoughts about the Budbomb smoking device. Maybe Budbomb xxl? Any difference except the size and the weight? Not really interested...
  4. G

    Moby Dick XXL autoflowering?

    Hey you Guys , Anybody has growed Moby Dick XXL ? If there is / are please share your photo and knowledge as well :) I could not find any topic for this baby .