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  1. B

    Green house & kennel

    Can I grow 24 of my plants in a green house and 12 in a kennal in my back yard if both of them are secure I live in Michigan btw
  2. 4Dutchess

    My First Tent Grow

    Ive had a few yard grows behind me and now will be going inside in a 5x9 Gorilla Grow tent. Im almost done with the room prep. Was by bedroom for 7yrs and full of crap to be gone through. I cleaned the walls yesterday and will do the floor today. The yard grow comes easy for me and I hope this...
  3. 4Dutchess

    Pictures exceed limits - Please help

    My computer skills suck and when i try to upload a pic it sometimes says it exceeds the limit. What do I do? Im going inside in a tent soon and want to start a thread maybe. Heres this year yard grow 2 weeks ago and I want to show em off today because theyre beautiful!! Peace