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  1. D

    How to arrange & section off a 5.6 ft x 6.49 ft - 1730 x1980mm

    Hey fellow cultivators, i have a space that's 5.6ft (1730mm) x 6.49 (1980) Currently have a single 80x80 (0.26 ft x 0.26 ft) square tent where i have a 3 plant DWC recagular container. Inside the tent is a fan, extraction filter and light. The room with the tent inside still has some room...
  2. Bodhisattva

    Jack Herer Beauty - Check her out - How much will she yield?

    Hey - can you check my gorgeous girl out I'm wondering what she might yeild? Guesses. Im thinking maybe 2 to 3 ounces as a conservative guess. Loads of pics in my grow journal. thanks!!
  3. L

    Help with choosing an auto strain - Looking for larger yielders

    Hello my friends, is there any experienced Auto strain growers out there? if so...can you recommend an Auto that yields larger than average Autos. Can be indoor and/or Outdoor strain. Please only reply if having experience growing and harvesting the strain recommended. Trying to weed out the...
  4. Hashassinz

    Confused rockwool grow roots question?

    Everything I ever read about about cannabis says bigger pot bigger roots bigger buds and plant. So if that is true how is it that rockwool cubes are so small yet can grow huge plants. Don't the roots grow through and past the cubes fast and light kills roots. So on NFT tables I see nothing is...
  5. S


    I'm using a 600w HPS 3 weeks into flowering. I was thinking about getting a 1000w to finish off the grow. would I see an increase in yeild or should i just use a 1000w MH blub i have. Please help
  6. R

    Rook's - 3 Tent - 4 Strain - Soil - On Going Grow - 2015

    This is my first post on any 420 forum. I thought I'd start by making a grow Journal. This is my 3rd grow ever. My first was 9 Golden Goat plants under 2000w HPS for a total of 1 1/2 Lbs. My second was just 2 plants of auto seeds which were free for 1 1/2 Ounces. This is my third grow which is...
  7. Cylent1

    Autoflower Average Yield amount Reference Chart...

    :welcome: Everyone! I would like to start a thread about finding out what different autoflower strains produce yield wise. My theory is, and if all goes well, this will become a reliable encyclopedia of sorts, of what to expect in yield for every different strain of autoflowers known. I am...
  8. jlt1202

    Big Head - Dead Head OG Heavy Yield!

    Hello ALL! So this is going to be my first journal that iv done so it should be interesting for sure lol. What i have are some mature ladies that, tell you the truth, could go in to flower when ever, BUT i want to play mother nature and make them fat as hell before i chop them down Paul...
  9. F

    How many plants for my room?

    Hi, I'm totally new to growing and I've started from scratch about 2 weeks ago. My room is almost 100% set up with all the best material I could afford. For now that is. I'm wondering how many plants can I ultimately grow in my room given the material I have: My room is 13' x 10' (x 7'...
  10. D

    DWC UC - 3 gal or 5 gal?

    I'm planning on building a DIY under current system. I plan on vegging for 4-6 weeks and would like to do between 8-10 plants in a 5-7 room and 2-4 plants in a 2x4 tent. My question is what size buckets should I use; 3 gallon or 5 gallon? I'd like to use 3 gallon because it seems they're more...
  11. R

    Need some advice about strains

    Ok I live in Northern Michigan and its cool up here year round. Winters are brutly. My new garden is out in the garage. I do have heaters but Im looking for some high-yeild strains that grow in cooler temps. My search has been unsussecefull. So with so many people growing I would like to heard...
  12. S

    Bud in a Box! First Bagseed Grow Experiment in a Homemade Grow Box

    Hey guys, to start off sorry for the shocking photos ill have that fixed by next update post. This is my first ever grow and to start all of this off, about 1 1/2 weeks ago my fiance planted 5 seeds in our backyard, and deffinately not in the best soil, i didnt use any other method to make them...
  13. K

    Feeding times and mediums

    Hello good people, this is my first post and my first hydro grow. i am currently building a ebb flow system and i was going to use rockwool cubes along with hydroton as my medium in a 2' x 4' tray. should i use one or they other or would both be fine? my next question is how much space do the...
  14. L

    What is the 100% potential?

    What is the absolute potential one could yeild from a 20X20ft room? Using the best..genetics..lights..type of growing medium, various techniques and everything you could think of. What I want to know is how much finished green a 20X20 ft. room could potentially produce. Thanks in advance.
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