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yellow flower

  1. M

    1st Grow, Cash Crop Auto Flower, Brown Leaves?

    Hi this is my first grow, gonna make some mistakes I know i was just seeing if anyone knows why my initial 2 bottom leaves turned brown at tips and the leaf started to turn yellow. I have a female auto flower, Cash crop, from seedling to now it has been 16 days. I just have the auto a small...
  2. F

    New to 420 - first grow!

    Hi I'm new to this forum my name is aj I decided to grow my own plant because in Australia the weed is very crap here it's all wet and funny looking bud an have a crap smell and all laced with chemicals that try to get you high So I decided to buy a smart garden / aerogarden just to...
  3. WizHigh

    Yellow special or yellow not so special? Help!

    I have been farming for about a week no, my first love is growing beautiful and healthy just added its first taste of fish fert, stinky stuff. I had a little surprise today, my second plant is only a day above ground. Just noticed it his morning. But the thing is its YELLOW!!!! YES the first day...
  4. U

    Yellow Flower Immature Plant, outdoor-indoor transplant

    Hello I recently transplanted several wild plants from outdoor to indoor to try my thumb at indoor growing. These plants are very immature maybe 8-10 cm tall. The tallest of these plants has developed a yellow flower despite a 24 hour light cycle. Questions: Male? Pollinated female...
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