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yellow in flowering

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    Unknown issue for me - newbie

    Frist ill try to give you some proper stats so you have a better idea and or possible solution. First Time Indoor grow (space 10x10) Strain London Fog Sativa - so they say. germ seed (6) 2 gal pots, nutrient rich potting soil temp 68F low and 75F high, 50 to 65% hum 40 days veg from...
  2. K

    Yellow clawing Bud Leaves - Emergency Harvest?

    Hello fellow growers! This is my first post in this forum, i choose an english speaking forum because it seems like you all have greater knowlegde than the german forums. Maybe you all are able to help me with my problem: I have 2 GHS Jack Herer Autoflowers (looks like its a stange...
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    Yellowing leaves during flower

    Hey chaps Almost 2 months into flowering and the leaves on the bottom of the plant are turning yellow. I recently changed the light position so it hits the side of the plant and thus hits the lower branches, and this problem arose. I understand that this is what happens as the plants turn...
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    White Russian yellowing leaves with brown spots.......need help

    Hy there, ive got an issue that i cant identify. The issue is in both tents, on flowering plants same as on my mothers. i have White Russian, growing in Soil. Ph is about 6,3 mostly- lowering Ph with apple vinegar Growing in 16L pots. Watering almost every second day. Nutes Ive got full...
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    Bubba OG fan leaves yellowing off..

    Hi everyone! 6 weeks into flowering and I have some fan leaves going yellow/purple. I'm using FoxFarm Big Bloom + Tiger Bloom + Unsulfured Molasses + Atami Bloombastic. I've considered that maybe Nitrogen deficiency, since I stopped using FoxFarm Grow Big, and the flowering nutes don't have a...
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    yellow in flower

    I know there's probably other posts about this but I can't find one that answers of my questions... Ok I'm growing in soil and for the life of me I can't slow the yellowing of the leaves in flower and I mean they yellow fast to where there are almost no leaves left besides the small leaves...