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  1. pingulay

    Leaves turn brownish yellow after move outdoor

    Strain Hunter Damnesia almost 1.4 month. after 3 days moving from pot to outdoor leaves turn yellow/brown. No nutritions, just water. What is couse of this and how to help plant?
  2. F

    Autos in Veg not looking so good: Can anybody help?

    Hello! So I’m new to growing and I keep getting yellow leaves on my plants. I’m growing Autoflowers in Fox farm potting soil with some organic composted living soil. I’ve also used a Roots Organics top dress (6-1-2). They’re in 2 gallon smart pots right now so I’m watering every 2 days or so...
  3. staynew49

    My plants hate nutrients! Why?

    So the pH is always good. I did start with good soil but I have only given Nutrients twice and they got Nute Burn both times them seem to be more healthy with no nutrients. I have not been giving any except two time onces when they had 5 sets of leaves and once two weeks ago both times got...
  4. Herrowpreeze

    Rooted clones going yellow

    Hey all, Its my first time growing clones, I bought them from a reputable seller and the came, although looking a bit sad pretty health and already rooted in rapid rooters As they were rooted already I transplanted them into 1l pots and gave a 50 kelpak water to start Its been 1 week and...
  5. hazeluv69

    Run off colour issue & a leaf problem during flush before harvest! Guidance please!

    First grow, coco coir, haze cuttings, final flush before harvest , day 5 of flush, expecting to flush for 7-9 days in total. my problems are that I was expecting to see yellow leaves by this time as i was sure it would occur due to the flush, where the plant uses the store nutrients in the...
  6. M

    Sick plant, need help

    Hey everyone, i have an autoflower here that popped soil around Nov.5th so she's 6 or so weeks old and im starting to see some yellowing along with that weird rust color i see all over the internet. Since its more so on the top im assuming it might be an imobile nute def. Or over nute idk 600w...
  7. Sarra

    Leaves keep turning yellow: truly need your expertise

    Hii all,, Thanks to all in advance for your help.. I've 4 babies, 2 critical 2 white widow, born btw April 4-8. FFOF soil mixed with %30 perlite, %10 worm castings, been transplanted once to 3gal pots on May 29th, 4 nutrients spikes in each containing 2 parts blood meal 1 part bone meal 1 part...
  8. A

    LED Lighting Help, Current Grow

    Posted this in lighting section too. Hey everyone, have a potentially unique situation happening that seems to be lighting related, and trying to sort out what’s going on as I’m more experienced with HPS than LED. The following pics are of a SINGLE RDWC plant - The is one plant running off the...
  9. R

    Help me please! Yellow, brown, pale green leaves

    This is my first grow it’s a white widow x B.B auto growing in soil haven’t had a problem untill now it’s going a little slow anyway it’s 8 weeks 1 day old and the bottom leaves are turning a pale green and yellowish and some are going brown and crispy only towards the bottom nothing at the top...
  10. G

    Move plants from outdoors to indoors?

    Hello! Planted these guys (Amnesia Haze - autoflowering - three plants) in our greenhouse about four weeks ago and they don't seem to be growing as much as they should, and most recently have been ravaged by pests! We've used diatomaceous earth and garlic spray to try and keep them at bay. We...
  11. T

    Help! Green is fading to yellow

    So. I am about two months into veg and was looking to switch to flower in the coming days However one of my plants seems to be sick. I am using 2 300 watt galaxy hydro led lights. And I'm growing in fox farm ocean. Alternating between regular ph'd water and general organics go box for...
  12. C

    Please help diagnose what's wrong - Yellow bits

    Hello – new grower here. I have 5 plants, all very young. 4 are lovely and green and the 5th is showing signs of yellow on the tops of its leaves and the lower leaves are all yellow. At first i thought it was nitrogen deficiency yet now thinking it could be something else. Thanks in advance...
  13. K

    First Time Growing Problems

    Hi all, this is my first time growing and I've been doing studying online for weeks. My setups are: -strain: unknown strains from friends from Paraguay -4*2*5 ft growing tent -100*3w LED light with red:blue 8:1 distance of the light to the top plant was about 12' yet I moved it up to 23'...
  14. R

    Help! First grow problems

    Hi all. This is my first grow and the third node has started to appear but the leaves have gone droopy and yellow and one leaf has brown spotting. What could it be? Ive been looking at nitrogen toxicity and over watering? but I dont think ive watered that much.. maybe once every 2 days. Im...
  15. G

    Help yellowing leaves! Deficiency?

    Hey guys this is my second grow and im experiencing odd leaf color. I am growing some grape ape. You can see purple on the leaves Can someone tell me what this is? Is it a deficiency? Im using a mix of scotts potting mix,play sand, and perlite. The plant is 11 days Old. Sprouted from the...
  16. M

    Have some problems and need help about late flowering outdoor

    "purple bud" from sensi seeds white label company feminized 75%indica I growing this all mix soil outdoor since 27 of May now I am on late flowering period . 1) I used some fertilizers (biobizz) but for only 1,5-2 months do I have to flush? 2)leafs especially in the upper-highest bud...
  17. F

    What's wrong with these leaves?

    Hi It's my first time grow and I have made quite a few mistakes, 6 plants in 1 pot being the first. Then they accidentally overwatered because the holes in the pot weren't big enough, They're 6 auto's, 3 White Widow 3 Sensi Skunk about 5 weeks old. Any advice for salvaging this mess is welcome...
  18. R

    Help needed - Yellow leaves in early days!

    Hi there, so i have just started out my first grow, and am growing autoflowers. I have been having nothing but problems for the last week, to begin with the 1st true leaves on 2 of my plants, have went brown from the tip to hallfway down the leaf, i think this may be overwatering, but not 100%...
  19. L

    My First Grow in Life!

    Hello fellas,Its my first post in the forum since i come here last year and its my first grow!..Great thanks to:420: ! ....:420: forums post helps me get a lot of informations for how to grow a plant from seedlings to flowers. Ive got some equipments from the Ebay and Amazon.. I got an white...
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