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yellow leaves

  1. W

    Yellowing leaves first 2 weeks of flowering

    Hello fellow Growers I am looking for some advice on my plants. I am in the first 2 weeks of the flowering stage and my plants leaves are yellowing. I have 4 different strains currently growing (in separate pots) and it is showing on 3 of them. I had no issues during the vegetation stage and my...
  2. Growca2268

    LED Lighting Help, Current Grow

    Posted this in lighting section too. Hey everyone, have a potentially unique situation happening that seems to be lighting related, and trying to sort out what’s going on as I’m more experienced with HPS than LED. The following pics are of a SINGLE RDWC plant - The is one plant running off the...
  3. Growca2268

    LED Light Expertise Needed: Current Grow

    Hey everyone, have a potentially unique situation happening that seems to be lighting related, and trying to sort out what’s going on as I’m more experienced with HPS than LED. The following pics are of a SINGLE RDWC plant - The is one plant running off the same reservoir. You’ll notice a...
  4. J

    First time grower, plant issues, need help please!

    What Strain is it? 2 strains, Dark Devil Auto and Diesel Auto Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Hybrid How Many Plants? 2 of each Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Flower If in Flowering Stage... How Long?DD: 3 weeks, DA: 2 weeks Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? soil, Fox Farms...
  5. H

    Yellowing Leaves

    I have a few plants with yellowing/discolored leaves, and I'm trying to find the cause of this issue! One plant is a variety known as "Holodeck Jesus" from Cannabeizein seeds. Here's the link to information on it: HOLODECK JESUS. The node structure for this plant has been off since it sprouted...
  6. Possible TMV

    Possible TMV

    Slow growth, leave cup, harvest diminished.
  7. Y

    Heat stress and silicic acid

    So I'm a first time grower on a fairly small budget, too cut a long story short i cant get my temps below 32-34'C. however i read online about silicic acid helping plants with heat stress, however i cant find much on it other then the product , has anyone got experience or tips on how often to...
  8. B

    6wk Auto, yellow leaves and brown spots (new grower need help!)

    Hi all, quite a newbie to growing. Have 4 auto flowers growing in a Wilma plant pot system in a 120 tent set up. 3 are Blue Kush Auto and one is Auto Sour Melon all just over 6weeks old and have started flowering. Plants are a bit stunted due to trial and error. 600w lights on 24/0. Currently...
  9. 20181023_104430.jpg


    DT - Putting the Gold in the Acapulco Gold here. I'm gonna go with 75ish days in flower. First set of fan leaves are giving up the goodness. Flowers getting bigger fan leaves falling off.
  10. D

    Does this look right?

    Hello all... Northern Lights auto, 3 weeks into flower, feeding with Bloom since flowering started, and the large fan leaves are turning yellow. Buds are developing normally, with pistils still white. My concern is with the yellowing leaves, and my best guess is that the flowers are drawing...
  11. CharlieG

    Yellowing leaves on my first grow - Any concern?

    Strain - candy cane auto # of Plants - 3 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - flower Bucket Size - 3 Gallon Lights - 1 300w led and 1 600w led Nutrients - canna Flores just starting giving them CMX. Medium - canna terra professional. black peat, granulated peat moss and perlite. PH - water I try to...
  12. T

    Need urgent help! Leaves are turning yellow & pale in vegetative stage

    I have got ''Speed Seeds'' Lowryder # 2 x AK 47 Auto. I have started the light schedule with CFL and Led both in first two weeks, CFL's 1x85W white color, 3x20W daylight color. Led's 1x80W bulb (120 pieces of led chips), 1x15W bulb (5 pieces of led chips), 1x10 W bulb (106 pieces of led...
  13. C

    Yellow Leaves After 12/12

    Dear Friends, I would first like to thank you for taking the time to review the issue I'm dealing with. About a month and a half ago (give or take), I started growing my plant under 65W LED lights and everything was going very well. Nearly two weeks ago, I started flowering and things...
  14. C

    Late Flowering Health Check

    Hi Everyone, I am new to growing and I was able to successfully grow two bad seeds, to my luck two seeds bloomed and they appear to be a Sativa strain, but I am looking for an expert opinion to confirm. Please check the photos of my girls which are both late in the flowering stage, and let me...
  15. D

    Yellow leaves - Early flowering?

    I have this one month old super bud auto. I gave bio bloom and bio grow nutritions starting from the second week.
  16. R

    What's wrong with my plant?

    Hi there. Does anyone know what is wrong with my plants? I'm thinking it may be a PH inbalance or a magnesium deficiancy? Both new and old leaves have yellow sections. It looks like the viens are still green.
  17. J

    Lower leaves yellowing and dying - Help please

    Need help with my plants! This is my forst grow.. They are about 3 weeks old and the bottom leaves have began to yellow and die off and growth has slowed.... the are in pro mix bx soil and given vodoo juice on watering once every 4-5 days... they are under a 2700 lumen led light about 8 inches...
  18. B

    First Indoor Soil Grow

    Hi Guys, Soil Grow Yates potting mix INDICA from Seed 250 WATT Full spectrum LED My plant has taken about 6 weeks to get to this stage it is growing really slowly. I think it has a lot to do with mistakes I have made earlier on like overwatering. I don't know if my grow...
  19. S

    My plant is dying - Leaves look weird

    Hello guys first of all i'm new and this is my first post old leaves look crispy and yellow as you can see in the picture also got white dots on leaves i checked for mites and didn't find any its normal garden soil mixed with cocopeat and perlite its lemon skunk strain i think and its outdoor...
  20. I

    Yellow leaves

    Hi all, could anyone help me with this problem please? - CFL 300W, 55cm above plants, - plants were in small pods (moved to bigger after yellowing) - plants stopped growing for a week, so due to small pods I considered fertilizing (amount due to manual) I moved them to the bigger pod and it...
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