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yellow spots

  1. K

    White, yellow spots on leaves help

    First off weapons Dosi do and ice cream cake Indoor 650 led Sunshine # 4 Worm castings Myco Flora trio 1/2 strength Diamond nectar floralicious Plus Cal-mag (botanicare) Silicate (botanicare) 5 gallon fabric The problem I'm in veg and I've been getting these yellow/white spots on my leaves...
  2. Km021

    Lower leaves are turning to yellow and brown dots are getting appear on leaves

    Hey (Stage: early vegetative) I have issues with the lower leaves(older) and its getting yellow recently some dark yellow or brown dots are appearing and its getting more and more, leaves are curling down and soft, do you know whats the reason? Thanks @Emilya
  3. L

    What to do after flush? Nitrogen deficiency

    Strain: Royal Dwarf Auto Ph Water: 6.5 Nutrients: 2ml/L Biobizz Grow, 1.5ml/L Bloom, 0.7ml/L CalMag Soil: Biobizz Light mix Pots: Fabric Pots 7L One is 5 weeks old and the other one 6 weeks. Hi, Ive been battling what I suppose is a nitrogen deficiency for a couple of weeks now. In the...
  4. Scubasteveli

    Having issues with veins of the leaves disappearing and leaving holes

    Help! Veins on my plants leaves are disappearing and yellow spots on one plant ... Had fungus gnats sprayed with neem oil and used DE food grade on top of soil but problems started before and continues after knats Strain white widow Fox farm soil Fox farm nutrient tri 6x4 tent 8" duct fans 2...
  5. M

    Yellow spots taking over!

    Spots - 420 Magazine Photo Gallery can't figure out what these spots are... she's almost 4 weeks into flowering, the spots start off at the tip of the leaf and gradually get worse moving down the leaf, it happens slowly over several weeks.. other than the spots tho the plant seems happy...
  6. O

    Help me diagnose and fix my plants!

    Mostly all of my plants either have or are developing a yellow tint on the leaves and they are getting these brown spots. These are indoor grown white widow seedlings, I have been using rain water to water them and haven't been testing PH, they are planted in Fox Farm ocean forest soil, and I...
  7. S

    White & yellow leaf spots

    Hi all, I'm new to the sites and am reaching out for some help. I'm on my first grow and things are mostly going really well. I have a single plant, it's a seed a friend bought from Amsterdam a few years ago. Allegedly og kush. I'm in my second week of flowering and the pistils are coming...
  8. Bodhisattva

    Please help diagnose mystery yellow dots on leaves - Thank you

    Thanks in advance for your help I suspect ph fluctuation but I am not sure. What are these little yellow dots? Background info 1) About 2 weeks ago i had a tiny bit of nutrient burn but seems resolved. 2) EC is at 1.4 (almost constant day by day) for the larger auto and 1.05 for the small...
  9. L

    Tiny yellow spots on very young plant

    Strain: THC Bomb Type: Hybrid Indica 65%/Sativa 35% Number of plants: 3 Stage: Vegetative Age: 18 days from germination/seed Grow Medium: Soil Soil Mix: Espoma Organic potting mix; nothing else Pot size: 3.25in/8cm Light Configuration: 3x 65w (350w eq) CLF; 2x 6500K 1x 2700K Air Circulation...
  10. S

    Help 1st time grower - Yellowing leaves - Pictures

    Looking for some advice. My 19 day old White Widows appear to have yellowing on the new growth. I only fertilized them once with Big bloom at 33% the recommended dosage 3 days ago. One leaf tip is BRIGHT yellow. Others have yellow spots on them. I don't think I got the fertilizer on the leaf...
  11. L

    Yellow spots on leaves around buds

    Hi everybody, I have 2 outdoor plants of 2 completely different strains. They both start flowering for about 4 weeks (unfortunately I was in holidays at that time, so I can't tell exactly when it starts). Two weeks ago when I came back from holidays one of the plants (named A) was...
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