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    Advice on Autoflower Dwarf Low Flyer - Some of the lower leaves are dying

    Hi guys, first things firts. Im a rookie (1st indoor grow) and gotta thank this community since the information is so complete it encouraged me to put my hands on the dirt. As i said this is my 1st indoor grow, and im using an autoflower strain from kropking seeds. Today turns 1 month and ive...
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    help - transferred hydro to outdoor - now have problems!

    Hey I tranfered a plant from 600 w hydro set to outdoor 3 days ago , I gave her a water and some ferts but she is gaining yellow tips of the end of the leaves and drooping a little .... Anything that can help to pep her up ? Please take into consideration that it's the start of spring here...
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    Having trouble with grow

    Week old grow. Tips are yellow. What to do? I may have double posted because of pic. Sorry about that.
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    1 week old and trouble

    My babies are only 1 week old and one has yellow tips. What to do. There in light warrior mixed with perlite. No other ingredients. Have not started nutes as I believe that Light warrior is supposed to be good for about two weeks. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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