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  1. Jayjayloi

    To Flush Or Not To Flush

    So I’m coming near the end of my girls life and I’m getting ready to chop in maybe 9-14 days and my main question is to flush or not to flush? And I don’t mean the typical flush of dumping loads of water through the pot, unless in certain circumstances that is needed. But I’m talking either...
  2. Yellow Tips & a Curl

    Yellow Tips & a Curl

  3. P

    Help me identify yellowing edge of the leaves

    Hello, Ijust discovered it and I need your guys opinion on this... This is the only leaf that has these edges, there are some yellowing on the bottom leaves too but they are touching the soil so that's why I think its happening. But I'm not sure about this one it's close to the door of the tent...
  4. C

    Gold yellow spots on my seedlings, what might it be?

    Hey guys, First time grower here. I have two seedlings right now set up in a grow tent, my very first operation and I want to make sure I diagnose any issues as quickly as possible. I've noticed some yellow/gold spots on one of my seedlings that I suspect is related to light burn but want to...
  5. herm

    Beginner here! Do these seedlings look healthy?

    Hey guys, first grower here looking to improve. #1 BIG BUD #2 CRITICAL PURPLE both photoperiods Here's what I noticed: - First plant is growing a bit slow and is showing some purple - Second plant has a tad yellow tinge but growing faster than the counterpart (GF's clearweed for colour...
  6. J

    Plant grew upside down and cotyledons were under soil and are yellow

    Hi all, First time grower here. I planted 2 seeds about 5 days ago with their taproots at around 1/4 inch with the taproot facing down. One of my plants sprung up super quickly and looks great. The other one produced full blown cotyledons, but kind of deep underneath the soil (deeper than the...
  7. M

    Yellow spots on lower leaves turning brown

    Girls seem healthy other wise. Closet grow. All was well on coconut and plain water for first month. Switched to nutes and this started. Is it actually a nute issue or something else? This issue is on the lower big leaves. So that also has me thinking it's something coming up through the roots...
  8. DarionOzb

    Is something wrong with my seedlings?

    Hi guys! New grower here...sstartup 2 more plants about a month ago now. They are showing weird signs though. One was first yellowing up and dying but i waa able to save it by repotting it and water (left in bigger pot) but still seems to be a litle yellow. And the other one (right in smaller...
  9. M

    Yellow leaves

    some body know what is the problem ? all my plant are yellow thanks a lot !
  10. Brnwn4

    What’s wrong with my plants?

    Transplanted from solo to 2g smart pots last Saturday. It’s now Wednesday. They are perked up but I think I have mold? I snapped off some leafs that had yellow spots. But I have this weird kinda white glow? It’s not crazy white put a little? There in roots organic original soil. Ph is 6.4 ish...
  11. Brnwn4

    Help: Wilting new clones, new grower

    Just got these clones Wednesday. It’s now Saturday. Car ride was kinda long when they’re were first cut. Buddy used clonex gel 45 degree shaved end and split middle? I have em in a tent in a dome with heat mat. At 81 f and 80% rh. They are still drooping and I know one is gonna die cause it’s...
  12. H

    Yellowing Leaves

    I have a few plants with yellowing/discolored leaves, and I'm trying to find the cause of this issue! One plant is a variety known as "Holodeck Jesus" from Cannabeizein seeds. Here's the link to information on it: HOLODECK JESUS. The node structure for this plant has been off since it sprouted...
  13. 20180615_165557.jpg


    Yellowing from base up on new growth
  14. C

    Any ideas?

    Just wondering what could be causing my issues here. Have 2 sappy sour x2s here 17 days into flower with 2 45 watt full spectrum led grow bulbs. Getting alot of the bottoms leaves just turning yellow and dying off. A few of the kolas have yellow tips on the very top sets of leaves not under...
  15. F

    Yellow Tips On My Plant

    I am new to growing. This is my first. Plant has been growing in soil for about 40 days. My plant grew to within 6 inches of my grow light. Its a 250w HPS. The grow area has a 12 in fan with a exhaust fan. I have since moved the plant to about 18 in from light. The plant started to yellow at he...
  16. S

    Yellow leaves during flowering

    Im a new grower my plants are in flowering stage and everything was going fine buds making but now leaves are turnig yellow and crunchy curling down. The bud is growing slowly but its growing... Ikno i have shitty lab but what should i do?
  17. F

    Yellow leaves with purple spots - Some plants only yellow leaves

    What Strain is it? Several variations of OG. We dont know for certain. Week 4 Flower Indoor RH40 reservoir temp: 69 MANual feeding 1000w climate controlled RH of Room/Cabinet? 75 PH of Medium or Reservoir? 5.8 Any Pests? naw How Often are you Watering I water to flush, by hand, let them drink...
  18. D

    Yellow New Growth

    Can anybody help with diagnosing this issue with my yellowing plants. Happy Frog Soil Temp 73-78 No nutrients to date except for one dose of Calmag for the yellow plants. 600W MH Light PH water 6.3-6.5 Light fan on plants 6 of the 11 are doing well Appreciate any help. Oh, the plant on the...
  19. SVA10

    Yellow tips and some yellow spots on leaves

    Hello... Here i am again, asking for help. So, i have some plants right now, and i even bought a grow tent, but im having a problem with this one [Big Bang Auto] i found some yellow spots 3 days ago, and some leaves with yellow tips, not all, but some. Can someone help a newbie here? [More...
  20. vyserage

    Help! Yellowing & no resistance leaf falloff - Bottom yellow leaves

    Hey guys, i've been having my bottom most leaves pull off with next to zero resistance (simply moving the plant around would make them fall off). They are also yellowish green! All my plants have been doing it so im not entirely sure whats going on! My pH of water in is usually 6.8-7.0 and comes...
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