1. luvsmokinweed

    Help! What's Wrong With My Plant?

    HELP!:helpsmilie:... Its been about three days now and she has been really droopy!!! I have been holding back on watering to see if it was overwatering, but I've noticed no change!!:6: Also, I've noticed yellow spots on the leaves about a week ago and its gotte a little worse!! Can anyone...
  2. S

    Help! what am i doing wrong?

    could sombody please tell me what im doing wrong. sensi a & b i just started using b52 today i know i was kinda late as these are 2 1/2 weeks in. is that whats causing it? under a 1000watt light also please help.
  3. C

    Problem - Yellow spots, leaves turning yellow and falling off

    Hello! I have a problem with my outdoor grow (strains are Himalayan Gold and Vanilla Kush). The plants started to get yellow spots and many leaves have fallen off (all plant's have this). There was alot of rain and very unsteady weather during summer, so i was thinking it was a nute's related...
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