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  1. M

    Did I kill it? How could this happen in 24hours?

    Yesterday morning, the plant looked great! 24 hours later - not so much! WHAT DID I DO? I'm growing this plant in a 2x2 tent that is temp controlled to 76 degrees and illuminated 18 hours a day. I'm growing in Coco and yesterday I followed normal procedure of pouring in about a half gallon of...
  2. Ron Strider

    UK: Cannabis Seized In Police Drug Raid In Sheffield

    South Yorkshire Police said cannabis plants were found growing in a property in Gleadless yesterday. A man was arrested at the house. A police spokeswoman said: "Yesterday, officers attended an address in Gleadless and executed a warrant under the Misuse of Drugs Act. "The occupant...
  3. A

    I'm thinking nitrogen deficiency?

    I'm thinking NITROGEN deficiency. They just got RO water W/ 6.34 ph yesterday, wasn't like this yesterday. Their in Fox Farms ocean forest. Haven't had nutrients yet except cal-mag 8 days ago. Today is day 21 since germ and day 17 above soil for the top one and day 14 above soil for the bottom one
  4. S

    Droopy Leaves After Transplant

    Hello there. I'm a new grower. Currently growing in mylar lined closet with 300W LED. Avg Humidity is 50%. Avg Temp is 75%. One of my plants doesn't look right. Strain is "Green Crack". Plant was transplanted yesterday from 1 Gallon to 5 Gallon Pot. I have been very careful not to overfeed...
  5. D

    Negative yesterday - Positive today!

    Tested myself last night, and got the faint second line. Tested myself today (just to be sure) and saw no second line. I don't think I diluted too much yesterday, because the urine I used was quite yellow. And both times I followed the mid-stream rule. I also waited today until I had peed a...
  6. WasabiBuddha

    LOL failed mouth swab

    Had an awesome 15.5 an hour job at a company, like the corporate office. ( I shouldn't refer to the awesome tech company that uses a logo of a fruit that is the opposite of an orange) Had to quit, to move to another department and take a 2 month leave....I figured I'd work at HomeDepot for...
  7. GUR Ugly

    Ugly's 1st Grow - Soil - Lithium OG Kush - 2016

    Ok I'm gonna give this a shot. Lithium OG Kush fem FoxFarm 50/50 perlite with a little worm casting thrown in ViparSpectra Reflector-Series 600W LED Grow Light I live near a lake so I will use that for water/nutes (all kinds of fish/turtle/bird poo) my vegetables have loved it and thrive, but...
  8. B

    New user - Face twitch - Health question

    Hey whats up, Mid 30s male. Decided to visit a local dispensary after trying some edibles recently. Started using a vaporizer, 1-2 popcorn nugs at a time. Probably done it 3x this week. Noticed yesterday and then again today (during the day), when i'm not vaping; my face has...
  9. C

    Help with Nutes pH and PPM

    I'm running a DWC set up using GH Flora Trio series (but not yet). I'm just about two weeks into veg not using any nutrients as of yet. I have a couple of unhealthy plants and I need help understanding what I'm seeing with my PH and PPM results. The water level in my bucket hasn't...
  10. P

    My plant that sprouted yesterday sprouted with a cotyledon leave curled

    My plant sprouted yesterday with one of its cotyledon leaves curled up and the plants color is dark green, is this normal ? and if not what do i do to fix it ?