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  1. yyc420

    Sour Jack - Flower

    Few pics of the Sour Jack strain (3) from CKS. These were meant to be CC Autos, but a happy mistake...they're Sour Jack fem photos instead. Tallest is about 5.5 feet tall, they should give a good yield.
  2. B

    Mainlining does it really yield more?

    If anyone has experience with this style of growing please give me the good and the bad
  3. S

    Backyard grow needs advice

    So this is my first backyard grow the "level" in the photos is 1 mtr .....3.28ft. Summer is ending , the light is fading, the heat is still there though 86 Fahrenheit most days. The soil is from my chicken shed, 100% organic and beautiful. I have used a product called "powerfeed" for the...
  4. D

    White spots on leaves

    Mature flowered plants wit spotted leaves. No clear webbing. Low yield. Ph or maybe spide mites.
  5. J

    Low Yield

    I just finished harvesting 3 plants. I'm very dissapointed with the yield, got 8 grams from 1 plant and 4 from another. Only got good yield from one plant. My question is , what could be the reason for low yield, light or problems with the plant. I had over watering problems with them when they...
  6. S

    Koolbloom powder - Should I use?

    Hi all, I'm in my 5th week of flowering a single og kush in a small dwc setup. I'm running a mars ll 700 led, Lucas method gh base with liquid koolbloom and Humiboosta (Cal/mag/iron & fulvic base) at around 1.6 ec and pH around 6. It's my first grow and I had some issues along the way but...
  7. M

    How can I harvest a lb per month?

    Hey whats up my fellow growers! Im new here to the forrum but have been growing quite some time! Im new to the whole harvesting every month and would like to know how i can ashieve that. Heres what i have to work with! I have a 10ft x 12ft room 2 k5 Kind led lights and 1 off brand 1000w led...
  8. Y

    Approximate yield

    Hey guys, I've purchased 20 seeds from CKS and on their site they claim up to 400 grams per plant, however books and online sites say cannabis plants typically yield 1-2 ounces(28-56grams) from unknown seeds. Was just curious what you guys yield on average per plant Wanna know what to expect...
  9. S

    How does my plant look? 10wks old already budding

    Any idea on Yield
  10. daverabbit

    Total Yield - 2 Big Plants vs 4 Small Plants

    Just an opinion question for you growers out there. I have limited space (2x2x4) to grow and obviously I want to maximize my yield. 4 3 gallon pots fit togather nicely inside the tent but the over all height and the pot size mean my plants are always doomed to be on the smaller side. I'm...
  11. S

    Yield lab lights

    Hi all. Back again and this time I was wondering what you think bout yield lab XXL de 1000w open hood lights . Opinions if you have used em,or if ya heard anything about them. 159,200 lumens, I have 7' Cieling and will have 22000btu heat/ac pump hooked up in 13x18 flower room. Look forward to...
  12. M

    Possible to get 300gr yield with 600w without LST

    i am a new growner and my first yield was 10-15gr per plant . i wish to get minumum 300gr yield if its possible to get in only 600w hps and only one time plant top cut off ?
  13. H

    Increase Cannabis Yield Through Proper Training

    Boosting your yield through defoliation can be a pretty simple but effective tool to make you a better grower. We are here to help when you need growing advice — from lighting to nutrients and environmental growing conditions. An increase of 30% yield for a small scale grower can be very...
  14. R

    Topped Autoflower?

    I topped my autos. I have read that it is not a good idea to top autos because of the short veg period, did I decrease my yield by a crap load? Live and learn I guess.
  15. B

    My stems are skinny and the leaves are yellowing - Help!

    want to post a pic but too scared to. i can describe problem. its in veg stage outdoot here in central valley in cali where temps get 100+. its about 5ft. its looks like xmas tree shape. the stems are so skinny. its supported by a bamboo stick i tied to. if i take the bamboo stick off im...
  16. K

    Kviertwintig's - LST - Stress Killer Auto Journal - 2016 - 138W 2700K CFL

    This time around I'm growing a new developed autoflower spicies by Royal Queen Seeds, called the Stress Killer Auto. Plant specs: THC 11% CBD High Yield Indoor 450-500gr m2 Yield Outdoor 110-160 grams per plant dried Height Indoor 90 — 140 cm Height Outdoor 120...
  17. Ferboldt

    How much more yield if waiting for 50-60% amber trichomes?

    Hi guys just wondering How much more yield can you get in total gr. yield if you wait till %50-60 trichomes turn Amber instead of most coudly?
  18. J

    Maximize lighting potential 12x12 room

    I am starting a new 12x12 flowering room. I have experience I don't feel like going thru it with you guys but 5 grows with shitty equipment. I hope that doesn't offend anyone last forum people were upset. I have always ran hand me down equipment and never tried to maximize yield just grow and...
  19. NonGMO

    What is your average yield?

    Hey guys I'm about ready to harvest things are goin better than expected, but I'm just curious to know what your guys' average yield per plant is. I'm not looking for a long answer. Or that guy who goes "Well it differs on the strain and your setup and blah blah blah" just looking for a simple...
  20. L

    How is Autoflower Northern Lights yield outdoors in Northern Canada?

    i am wondering if anyone has grown the northern lights autoflower in northern canada? this strain is from crop king seeds:thumb:
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