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  1. B


    I use 2 gallonpots and i was wondering if bigger pots would help my yields
  2. Ron Strider

    10 Of The Highest Yielding Strains Of Cannabis

    When growing marijuana for yourself or as a commercial crop, it's important to know what some of the highest yielding strains of cannabis are. While factors such as the growing space and cultivation techniques influence the size of a crop's yield, the genetics of a strain plays the biggest role...
  3. Heraldo

    Setup advice for Heraldo

    My current setup is an aerogarden with about 100w CFL in a 30x60x80cm (1x2x2.6 if you're more of a feet person) DIY closet. It can handle 1 plant and usually yields a bit under 1oz. Would upgrading to LED be worth my while? Nothing too fancy. I have my eye on a 150w light I could fit in the...
  4. coralman

    Auto v Photo

    Whats the deal with autos, are the yields and potency really that bad like i keep reading? i really want to try some but dont want to waste time and money if they are going to be rubbish. I know theres a lot of variables but realisticly if i were to put 9 autos in 5gallon pots soil under a...
  5. Cannabs

    Discussion - Best LED Grow?

    Hello 420magazine people what is the Best Led Grow ? to get most yields!! i know have some leds super awsome!!
  6. J

    1000W LEDs for first time grow

    Longtime lurker - first time grower. Any advice much appreciated. I am looking into buying a 1000W LED Grow Light For Plants' Flowering Stage With Double Chip 10w Leds Factory Price Growlight Plant Lamp From Qkwinled, $81.41 or Recommeded High Cost Effective 1000w Led Grow Light With 9 Band...
  7. B

    High Yields Auto with CFLs

    Hello friends. Hope you guys all good. I am a new grower from Turkei and i wondering about couple of questions. First question is i need short time genetic from seed to harvest and big yields much as possible. Which genetics do you prefer? Second, im gonna do this with cfl lights how much watt...
  8. BostonGreen

    Max potential in 4x4 tents?

    Hey everyone.. i got a few 4x4 tents and have been growing with them for awhile now.. Im just wondering what you guys all pull out of your 4x4's as I'm wondering weather to upgrade in size to something bigger or just keep dialing in my current grow rooms and try to max out my yields.. Whats...
  9. F

    Yields on autoflowering?

    I was just looking for some good auto strains and people r saying you only get around 10grams per plant ??? I look on websites specifically looking at the ak-49 and that produces 30-50 grams is this true ?? And what's the difference between the lowyders and auto yields ?? And is there any...
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