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  1. Ron Strider

    Cannabis & Yoga Retreats This Fall In The Colorado Rockies

    Cannabis enhances yoga. Individually weed and yoga are scientifically proven to help you relax, but combined they're alchemic. Colorado-based 420 Yoga Retreats is launching two cannabis yoga weekends this Fall. The first retreat is for individuals and the second is a couple's retreat. The...
  2. Ron Strider

    WA: Pullman Would Benefit From Cannabis Yoga

    Pullman needs cannabis yoga. Such a business would take advantage of residents' interest in marijuana while improving on the region's lack of recreational opportunities. Joel Benjamin, director and teacher at Seattle's Yogasmith offers one of the few platforms in the nation for...
  3. K

    OR: Cannabis Shop Starts The Day With Yoga

    Three times a week, the employees at Plantae Health's Bend dispensary gather for a morning ritual – 45 minutes of yoga to start the day. The shop owners, Jocelyn and Andrew Anderson, recently opened the doors for anyone interested in about a half-hour of downward-facing dog and crescent moon...
  4. K

    Cannabis Calendar For Denver November 14-19

    Today we should finally learn if Ordinance 300 has officially passed in Denver, paving the way for the creation of places where pot can be consumed socially. Also starting on November 14, Denver will host yet another symposium, this one for medical professionals. And on Saturday, things get...
  5. K

    CO: 420 Games In Boulder Emphasize Pot Use In Athletic Training

    When Avery Collins gets high, he doesn't sit on the couch with the munchies. He goes for a 40-mile run in the mountains. The Steamboat Springs resident uses cannabis to help his training for 100-mile races. He's an ultrarunner with a lengthy list of athletic achievements, at the age of 24...