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  1. Ron Strider

    CA: Yolo County Seizes $5 Million Worth Of Marijuana

    Yolo County officials say they have confiscated more than $5 million worth of illegally grown marijuana in a case that has similarities to other recent suburban pot busts. Sheriff's deputies removed 2,227 plants and 41 harvested pounds of marijuana during a raid Sept. 19 on a property in the...
  2. Ron Strider

    CA: Yolo Cannabis Coalition Funds Weekend Food Project

    Meals on Wheels Yolo County has announced that the Yolo Cannabis Coalition has donated $10,000 for the Weekend Food Project, which will entirely fund the current program for one year. The Weekend Food Project was designed in 2015 to provide extra help and relief to extremely low-income...
  3. K

    CA: Land For Marijuana Grows A Hot Commodity In Yolo County

    Yolo County — The green rush is on in parts of California. Hundreds of people from across the country are looking to set up marijuana cultivation shops in the state. The number of applicants are so high and happening so fast that Yolo County decided to put a stop to new applicants for the time...
  4. K

    CA: Yolo County To Consider Marijuana Growing Ordinance

    Yolo County supervisors will be reviewing a revised ordinance regulating the cultivation of medical marijuana this week. The proposal is already drawing a complaint of being excessively prohibitive. Supervisors will review the plan at their Tuesday meeting in the Erwin Meier Center. The...
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