1. Obi Wan

    What are you planning for your 2016 grow?

    I'm currently prepping the grow room for some Jack Herer from BC Bud. I may try to deploy my scrog this time as well. What are your grow plans for 2106? Trying something new? /Obi
  2. H

    It is legal to grow in Michigan

    I was over at my buddy's house propping up some buds that will be ready to harvest in three weeks. I was kind of whining about how you will get an electrician to hook up your electricity [in a new building] and not have him know about you setting up a grow room. He interjected and said "Rudy...
  3. DRM Ranch

    How are you dialing in nutrients in your hydro grow?

    I suppose beyond doing a drain to waste and collecting the runoff and sending said runoff to a lab for inspection, how do you perfect your nutrient mix at each stage of growth?
  4. W

    Easy light adjustment

    Hey all thought id share with you a technique im using to make adjusting my lights hight easier and also give you an unlimited choice of hight. Its a knot i used to use when abseiling called an italian hitch. Tie a slip not in one end of your string/rope to attach to your light rig, put...
  5. P

    Is it ok to keep your tent door open when lights are on?

    Is it ok to leave your grow tent's front doors open when you have your lights on ? I have 30x18x36 w/d/h my tents temperatures with my tent all zipped up is from 82f to 85f with my tent doors open my temperatures is 80f to 83f is there any benefit to keeping the tent doors closed ? And do thoes...
  6. SweetSue

    Having problems with the preview function

    There's been a persistent refusal to go to the preview page. My only recourse has been to proofread as carefully as possible and then edit after its posted and I catch the ones I missed. I can't be the only member having this problem, can I? I always worry it's on my end and I'm wasting your...
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