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  1. Growwithme420

    Gorilla Glue Autoflower

    Hey crew! I just wanted to share a grow with all of you. Items used: 2 Fem Gorilla Glue Autoflowers by Autoseeds. 4x2x5 tent Electric Sky ES180 Promix HP 4 Gallon pots General Hydroponics full Flora Series Time Lapse footage is from a Brino TLC200 Pro Total grow time was 79 days from seed...
  2. T

    New youtube project

    Hey guys! I started a new youtube project that im siked to share with you! I put alot of time, effort, sweat, money and work in to this so i hope you will hit me up with some feedback and I would be forever grateful ! :Namaste: More videos on my channel if u like it! :)
  3. fanleaf

    Anyone here used Mammoth P?

    I bought a bottle of Mammoth P after reading what I could find and seeing some "youtube results". Seemed very promising and interesting. I'm not a big person that falls for everything you see in Youtube vid's but theres a guy with a huge Cree LED layout that seems to have had a huge side by side...
  4. Dans420Grow

    Starting a Grow Journal To Create a Community of Growers That Help One

    Hello there, and thanks for checking out my first thread, ever. So I've never written one of these before, although I've seen many on bodybuilders sites, car enthusiast sites and now my personal favourite, Growin Marijuana Threads. I'm 19, from Scotland and I'm currently on my third grow...
  5. N

    Stop Motion Marijuana Video. 2 Pounds of weed that move around!

    Hi Guys my name is Nino, I am a Director and a Marijuana lover. I made this video and I want to share it with all of the Weed Community@ Enjoy SorryBroTV - Weed Story (Nugs come to life) - YouTube
  6. M

    Robin Williams

    the comedian Robin Williams! i was watchin some stand up comedy on youtube, and he was talkin bout his weed stories hahaha. amazingly funny.
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