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    Sexxpot with genetics by @Weed Seeds Express SP2 - Seedling/Veg Day 2
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    Sexxpot with genetics by @Weed Seeds Express SP1 - Seedling/Veg Day 2
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    Official @420 Magazine Girl Scout Cookies Comparative Grow with genetics by @Weed Seeds Express O1 - Seedling/Veg Day 4
  4. BakedARea

    Blue Dream & Chocoloco x Jack's Cleaner 2: Outdoor Zone 9B, Central Coast Cali

    Really stoked to be germinating these seeds! It feels good to be putting some love and energy into these too. They come with a lot of good vibes and what the cannabis community should represent as a whole. If only the rest of the world could learn about the kindness and generosity that comes...
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