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Hey Garth here. Im trying another bagseed grow.Scotts Lawn Hyponex.(shitty soil i know) im a New grower with several months of trial and error.i will try to harvest a micro grow in three to four months time.using one cfl but will install a few y sockets in my "box". As it grows. i will trigger 12-12 when height reaches one foot tall. I spent a total of $0.00 dollars on my set up.
Welcome to 4:20 I hope you get a lot more experience I have several years experience if you have any questions feel free to ask I have a forum called LMAO cloning for dummies you can always drop in ask questions and see how simple it is to clone
Cat sitting for a freind cost me about 3 weeks of work smh. Another fail but i do strongly suggest a set up like the one i made or similar for a cfl micro grow. 420 mag tragedy.
Hope all is well in your world.

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