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1/8 of Nuggets


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Hello.. I am really curious on how much an 1/8 of nuggets would weigh out to be. Some punks in my town are poppin off 1/8 (3.5g) for $70.00. That is just CRAZY!! I always thought it was 5 grams for an 1/8 because thats what it is for swag. I mean an 1/8 of an ounce is an 1/8 of an ounce whether is Dank or swag.

am i right or wrong

thanks guys:51:


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Yeah, I'm pretty sure nugget goes 1/8(a fat 3.7 if you're nice) for $60. I mean, its 20 a gram, so..why not? 70 bucks is ridiculous, I wouldn't pay it.. the bud would have to be pretty dank ass for that ridiculous of a price.


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The typical sandwich baggy weighs ~1 gram. So the bud in the bag should come out ~4.5g. The zip-up sandwich baggy weights ~2-3 g's. I don't know about cigarette plastic.

The prices in Fayetteville area are 50$ an 1/8th, and there has been some real good chron around for a bit for 60$, but it is worth it.


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Yeh, I feel ya. I used to live in LI and NYC and those were the going prices all right. Robbery, IMHO.

But what are you going to do? If you have no other options, thats just the going rate for the area. The bud better be good though... it always was for me in NYC, damn good. But so $$$.

Grow your own! I used to grow (before the living sit changed) and you only need 3 females to give even a novice grower on ounce of dried dank or more, depending a good deal on strain and other variables. The least I ever got was 1/2 Oz per plant dried, and that was nothern lights, and I had very little experience. In the latter part of my growing, I got as good as an Oz per plant. Bubblegum is a good yielder and didn't stank up the place like mad.

But alas, most of us are in living situations that we can't grow our own. Apmt complexes, family, neighbor situation... etc.

One thing I learned from my growing... don't tell ANYONE you grow. Not your best friend, not your GF (if can be avoided), not your family... noone. And keep it a small operation, esp. if you are just growing for you.


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I was shocked at the prices when I got back into taking "hits from the bong", but shit what are you going to do. I just found somke nice smoke, but I couldn't come off 100 for a quarter. Maybe next time.


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An 1/8 is 3.5 grams, no bag. Asking if your price is okay is kinda pointless here, everybody from Cali and Canada is gonna say you're getting ripped off while people in NYC can pay up to $100 an 1/8. But yeah if you're payin $70 an 1/8 you had better be gettin some headies no matter where you are...


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I wouldn't ever pay 70 bucks for an 1/8th of anything let alone nuggets. Max I'll pay is 60 but I rarely buy 1/8ths anymore. 1/8th of nugs should be like 45/50


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1/8 (3.5g) £20 (at current exchange rate that is $39)

If its the po cheese then you might inccour a price rise of £5 ($10 approx), or to be weighing in closer to 3g


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dude an eigth is an eigth..3.5 grams and 70 for an 1/8 is out of this world...thats robbery i dont care how good the bud is...i can get an eigth of ANYTHING for 40 and under.....if i asked one of my friends for an eigth and all they had was swhag theyd give me a bag for free...cause nobody wants dirt weed around here theyd rather give it away...
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You guys should shop around If your friend was on the up and up they would provide there customer with quanity & quality
if you provide your friend with something worth while to where he feels like he got the best deal in town in return
In my part of town I provide my clients with
3.0 Grams for $ 50.00
and a 1.0 Gram for $20.00
1/2oz for $ 180.00 and
1 oz for $ 360.00

my prouduct is Dannnnnnnnnnnk also and it ant no Kush
I belive in providing my friends with more prouduct for the money this way they will always return as a happy client
whenever I come out with some weight or prouduct all of my clients get a 1 Gram sample bag this way they test the prouduct before spending any money up front

Meds for those who need it

The consumer has the power
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