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1 plant 2 cfl's?


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Hello all I just joined and well Im wondering if 2 cfl's at 26 watts a piece but 100 watt equivalent would be enough for 1 plant going straight from germ to 12/12?Also how much do you think I will yield it will be 200 watts.


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Well, heres the thing. It will work for a week or two in vegging. After that, you will need more light. If you want buds off the plant that are of a smokeable quality, i'd shoot for anywhere between 3-6 26 watt CFLs. For flowering, if you plan on using CLFs, come close to a 150% increase in lighting for flowering. Switch to 42-86 watt CFLs per outlet you have/were previously using. CFLs pump out alot for their wattage but quite a few are needed for flowering. Im using 6 42watt CFLs for flowering right now...
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