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1 White Widow, 2 Unknown Strain, 2x4 LED Organic Living Soil


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Welcome All! Thanks for stopping by for a peak. This is my second grow and im looking forward to being part of a community where i can share my passion for cannabis.

I currently just finished week 5 of veg and am on day 3 of flower, so lets show you whats up!

Seeds- 1 WhiteWidow -Rare Earth
2 Unknown (indica)

Soil- Mixed my own batch of CaliGreen's Organic soil
1 bag Fox Farms Ocean Forest
8 Quarts of wood compost
5 Quarts worm castings
5 Quarts perlite
2percent diatomaceous earth

Nutrients- Iv been watering with RO water with 1/4-1/2strength seaweed extract and 2 tsp black strap molasses per gallon then PHd to 6.5-6.8. Transplanted week 1 veg into soil mix with 3 tbsp power bloom, 3 tbsp 0-13-1 bat guano and 1 tbsp of oyster shell flour per gallon by Gaia Green. Also used Mykos mycorrizal on the roots during transplant along with Dr Maryjanes root probiotics into 5gallon fabric pots. Compost tea every couple weeks.

Lights- Mars hydro 240W
- YGrow 600W17376571737658
So lets get started!

Jan 19, 2019- Day 23 from seed
White Widow-
Unknown #1-
Unknown #2-
(Strange half albino leaf on this one)

Feb 3, 2019- Day 38 from seed
Feb 12, 2019- Day 47 from seed


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Looking good! I’ll tag along for the ride if you don’t mine. Plants look great! Well done. Happy growing!
Thx 420BudzFreak! Your more then welcome to come long for the ride! Making my first update tomorrow. Lots of changes happening in the tent. Exciting, Educational, Nutritional...


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R.i.P Unknown strain #1 and #2. I knew this was a possibility from the start. When i popped my seeds i was eager to get started and used some un feminized seeds that i had. Both ended up being male and not showing till first week of flower... i thought I'd know by the third week of veg but apparently can take up to the third week of flower. Iv gained expirence and learnt many lessons from these boys.



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Both the Scrog nets came off. Maybe losing the two small ones was a blessing in disguise. No more having 2 watering cycles. Was going to have to get another light, shouldnt have to now. Better light penetration and air flow. But still alot of work raising those boys. Iv learnt my lesson. No un feminized seeds in limited space and genetics is #1 important .

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Not sure if its bad to stress her a little like this, day 9 of flower but sure opens up the canopy! Also only have 5 feet to play with so dont want her to outgrow her environment... Planning on doing a light defoliation week 3 of flower.174339017433951743397
Nah, she should be fine. You'll probably see a boost in growth after a couple of light cycles.
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