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10-10-10 fert


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I'm trying to decide on a fert to use this year and i've heard from numerous people that 10-10-10 stuff is good. Any suggestions or information about this? Or possibly good cannabis ferts


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Remember, the nutrient value of the fert. is not the only thing that matters. I prefer organic nutrients (like Fox Farms). Chemical nutrients (like MG,and this is argueable point) will burn alot more easily if overapplied and will leave alot of residuals if the plant is not flushed properly prior to harvest.

So pay attention to what the fert. is derived from as well as it's nutritional value.


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cheap fert is not the answer. First, learn about fert. what the numbers mean.
the liquids have worked well for me also. High first number for nitrogen for fast growth. When time to bud, a high middle number.
Where I live, I can get free compost which works well outdoors.
Beware of over fertilization which can burn and /or stress the plant. Any living thing including plants, when stressed attract invaders such as insects and pests that you don't want to have to deal with, especially with poison. When I was growing outside, I never used anything stronger than safer soap, but here at least, healthy plants don't need insect control.
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