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$10.2 Million In Marijuana Destroyed

Jim Finnel

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Linn County sheriff's deputies on Wednesday uprooted about 3,400 plants in an outdoor marijuana operation found in a remote area near Lyons, officials said.

The area is about seven miles from Lyons, on McCully Mountain timber property belonging to Weyerhaeuser, Sheriff Tim Mueller said.

Mueller said deputies first spotted the operation while conducting a flyover.

Detectives and SWAT members secured the area Tuesday. Search-and-rescue sheriff volunteers and deputies then removed about 3,400 plants Tuesday and Wednesday, some reaching 10 feet tall.

Estimated street value of the operation is about $10.2 million, Mueller said.

The sheriff's office receives federal funding to conduct annual flyovers.

Evidence of campsites and a watering system were found nearby.

No arrests were made, but deputies were continuing to investigate. Information would be forwarded to federal law enforcement, Mueller said.

In September, Linn County sheriff's deputies raided a 4,700-plant marijuana operation close to the area.

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These have to be some good strains to be worth 3 grand a piece! I mean, that is only theoretical... In a 100% yield situation... with no investment cost or labor included. How can anyone relate this to street value?
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