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10% increase


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so i heard on the radio this morning that marijuana today is 10 percent more potent than it was even 5 years ago.......now i havent been around long enough to notice the difference....but i was just wondering if any of you older
smokers have noticed a significant change


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Just like the stats saying it's 10x more potent than it was in the 60's and 70's, it all depends what you're taking your sample from. I could test some mexican brown today, and some hydroponically grown haze 5 years from now and have some incredible figures to throw around. I suspect you could test crop to crop from the same grower and you'd still find a fluctuation of potency.

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Some of the old strains were kick ass. Just look at Haze. My understanding is that Haze was developed in California in the 70's, by the Haze brothers. Need I say more!

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i've been smokin' since 67 and there is better pot now. but i also remember some killer stuff from the orient back then. when i was in s.korea we bought pot for 8bucks a lb. it was killer. i also remember thai sticks. ummmm!
i think primo bud is easier to get now and so many kinds of kind. but run of the mill mexican commercial is still much the same.

i got more stoned back then. maybe it was the people and where our heads were then or my tolerance levels... who knows. my favorite pot is whats in the bowl at any given time. this hits for ya'll :60:


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I can remember smoking when i was 16. And i'm 21 now. I think it has gotten better. I'm good at finding better weed for cheaper now, so that kinda throws it all off.


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I started out in 50's with Panama Red and Acapulco Gold which were sativas and which I loved very much. Then later came the indica (called skunkweed)which was very kick-ass and heavy duty. Everyone celebrated when it was available. For the past few years most all of my herb is about 75% sativa and 25% indica hybrid. It's hard to find pure sativa around here anymore unless it's Mexican ditchweed (my term for the really low-grade stuff pressed into bricks). The growers around here seem to grow a lot of indica and hybrids but not so much pure sativa. I have a few Haze seeds I'll be planting soon.
In answer to your Q I think yes, it is now much stronger because of the indica being introduced. I can't even take straight indica anymore. My Haze seeds are supposedly from original Jamaica sativa.


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:laugh2: I think so merely because I have access to a number of Coops w/ a large selection of strains...back in the day, mid 70's, there were no choices and what you see is what you get...buyer beware:60: But I had kick ass weed in Sydney, Australia...Hong Kong...Okinawa, Japan...Subic Bay, Philipines...I'm sure I left out some of them...back in my navy days:smoke2: ...I think science is enabling growers to unlock the plants full potential...especially in the field of indoor grow sites.:headbang:
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