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10' x 10' Tent


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Hi all,

So I have been thinking about buying a new tent since I am moving and now have more room. I was thinking of using my current 4x8 for just Vegging and getting a new 10x10 for Flower in a room by itself. Problem is the room is only 10.5x13' - Is setting it up even possible? I had no problem with the 4x8 but thinking I may pushing the limits - but all that space would be NICE!

Oh and a reason for the tent in the first place is really so I can Vent the smell better (Into attic) - Smell is the on REAL concern so far on the setup.



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So I talked with a buddy of mine and with way too many reasons to list I decided to go with (2) 4x8' flower tents w/ HO 6" Fans and filters into the attic each. Fresh to each from the window that will boarded up accept for the air flow vents.

Thanks anyway :)
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