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10000K - 45 watt CFL lamp. help

i know that 10000k is a blue shifted light and may be "cold" for my plant ... can i give my plant heat from an external source, or it's not about heat ? is it about shifting light to red ... so more UV light is bad for my plant and more Infrared is good for it or is it about balancing between them ???? or its all about the k number. shit i'm lost .. i live in Syria so don't tell me to buy things online it is impossible .. my plants where growing outdoor but i moved them inside ... what will happens to my plant with this light (10000k-45 watt) with external heat source.

i just moved them, i'll move them and position them higher at the same level.


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I am not an experienced grower at all, I'm actually on my first grow as well, from my understanding. Plants grow best at 6500k, this is "daylight". My recommendation is to get two 42w 6500k and one 42w 2500k. Those plants are going to need more light, especially since the middle one is getting the most light. Use light clamps that have reflectors, shouldn't cost you more than $15 (im not sure what currency you're dealing with) what type of growing do you want? casual? or a hardcore yield. Everything depends on what you want. By the way, how long did it take for your middle plant to get those nice leaves? Here is my grow until now, this is day 2 for the seedling.
hi .. first thanks ... now every thing in Syria now is very expensive especially in Aleppo (where i'm living now) so it's hard to find those lamps although there is many of cfl lights but not those 6500k and 2500k ...i'll try to find them later ... so the strange thing that the middle plant grow faster than all the other plants although they where planted at the same time .. given water at the same time and sun light was the same... they where growing together at the same time same leaves number ... i went to Lebanon when my plants where 3 weeks old .. yesterday i came back from Lebanon after another 3 weeks and i was surprised from the middle one especially (my mom call it a tree now LOL) now i transplant them to a bigger pots and mixed some fertilizers with them .. but i'm worried about the light, it's raining like hell here ... and some fucking terrorists are attacking nearby places LOL. (we use Syrian pound before the war every 1$=45 sp now every 1$= something like 190sp before a week it was 140sp ... Damascus is different maybe 1$=110sp)


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Wow.. that's crazy. Different parts of the world are so different. At least we can all have a common interest ;) Are the "terrorist" attacks that bad? Anyways, i suggest you read through the Marijuana Grow Guide here on the forum and browse through the Grow Journals, there is alot to learn.
yeah I do that as fast as I can before the electricity goes off .. before war 24/7 365 electricity 20 ampers for 20 $ hole year .. shit it was awesome country ...I'm Lebanese and I still prefers to live here for many reasons .. one of them is that the climate is good for growing weed :) .. I have to sleep now its 2:30 am .. see u tomorrow ..I hope .
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