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1000W - (18)2 Gal Air Pots - Coco vs Pro Mix - 5x5 Tent

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Hello, and welcome first lets talk about what were gonna be staring at :)..3x3 veg tent,split regular wood and 4 legs make a table for the veg plants up top,clones/pre flowers.being lit by a tek 2, 10,000 lumen 110w 2' 2 bulb t5's.beside it is 2 2' 2 bulb t12's they need new bulbs,soon.6" clip fan gotta replace that weak thing.6"inline fan 160cfm gonna replace with 6" inline 240cfm pulling out air.extra 80cfm same size fan:).15"L x 7"w x 9"T with built in blue tint in the dome! mini 24 site cloner found on amazon so small and just perfect for me:),heat mats coming soon.pre flowers are in 9 1liter air pots 6"T x 4.75"W table is 32"x32" x3'T.bottom area is lit by 2 tek 2's,10,000 lumens, 2bulb t5's. thats 20,000 lumens!this is the mother area.strains are blue dream,iced grapefruit,white widow x big bud,cr+,purple haze,fruity chronic juice,pine apple express,(blue cheese phasing it out),waiting on these seeds to sprout-white widow,northern lights,blue hash,jamaican dream,train wreck,euforia,island sweet skunk,berry bomb,cheese,sugar black rose.dry tent 18"W x 3'L x 5.5'T 4" fan and filter combo air blows from this room into my veg to keep humidty slighty higher.flower room 5x5 tent 8" inline intake,24" box fan in the corner mounted mid ways.8" 745cfm pushing air over my 1000w mounted right at the reflector. 6" filter fan combo about 440cfm.18 2gal aipots.45 pint dehumidifier,window a/c but it doesnt do a good enough job..winter is getting here..i wanna use a portable a/c...i have no clue what exactly i should get that is excellent all the way around. mini split a/c is way to much just for a 5x5 grow tent!pictures i will so post them 2 morr soon as i see people get on my thread we can start :)..
Sounds like a nice start. I'm in :)
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welcome :).im gonna have pics of this harvest thats coming out now.2morr.then ill hit you guys and gals with pics of it all set all up..till then stay blazed -_-
you want to place your plant images in the member galleries section. Then select them from the My Photos tab below the reply box. A better tutorial is Here.
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i was also thinking about a ac unit since i have the cash now.but i dont wanna get a mini split for a 5x5 o_0..portable ac i think would work or just keep my money and use the cold night air which is serioulsy in the high 30's mid 40's every night faithfully but it rained today and you know that makes the air humid what to do guys?
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so i wanted to do co2 but cant get a mini split just for a 1000w in 5x5,since winter is so close...its cold all the time at night now...screw the portable ac..my window ac is right by the tent so in the summer it helps alot..i was hoping to get get some answers from some more exp people but hey ive been around the block before at this :)..8" carbon filter attach that to the 1000w ..so it goes 8" scrubber,duct,reflector,duct,8" fan 745cfm.pulling everything out the room.while my intake 5 or 4oo something cant remember but its inline style 8" pushes in cold night air.might pick up 2 variable speed controllers..so they go really low once off..:)oh and the dehumidifier kicks on after lights out..gonna order right now and get ready for my next perpetual grow...helll if i get a hd camera ill make some vids for the tube while we smoke and watch ya dig ....