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1000W Cool Tube Grow - 10 Plant Super Bud

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Welcome to my first 420 mag journal
expect lots of updates, lots of pictures, lots of information
all are welcome the more the merrier
big thanks to ricorico and j189rfc for a warm welcome

getting started with the kit
5x5ft grow space
2 cool tubes hps 1-600 and 1-400
fans and carbon filter

the seeds are GHS -Super Bud. Skunk x big bud

The medium is soil fox farms in 15 general buckets

the nutes are canna basic range + some bud booster candy etc

The style of grow im undesided on at present.
Not sure if im going 12/12 from seed and putting all 10 in the room
or if im going to do 5 and give them 3 weeks 18/6 veg

the goal. Good supply of cannabis for me. Knowing were its came from. Knowing my head wont hurt after smoking because because its had a good flush before harvest. And 8-10oz would be a bonus

so thats it for now. My seeds arrived today. Afew finishing touches to the grow area this evening and my seeds will be soajing tomorro. Please sub up and comment. Any views on the 12/12 from seed 10 plant VS 5 with 3 week veg very welcome
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I used 7 seeds to try and germinate hoping to get 6 and got 7 in 18 hours. So iv planted them all in there pots just now. 15 litre pots from the start no transplants reason being theyre getting topped at about 14 days then going 12/12 on day 30. Transplanting would add stress to an already tight veg schedule. Uploading piks tomorro although nothing realy to see


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