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1000W HPS,how many plants scrog?


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Hi,getting ready for grow,have 10 BB and 2 some other fem seeds,400w and 600w hps,space total in room is 11x5,7 feet,tall 8.5 feet.How many plants I should scrog? About what spaces should leave for each plant to scrog? Help pls,cus after started I will not be able to move plants.

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It really depends on how long you veg them. The longer you veg the more space you can fill with fewer plants. Also the longer you veg the bigger the final pot will need to be. I'm currently filling out a 4x4 space with 4 plants. I figured I would top and train each plant to be about 2'x2'. My next grow I will veg shorter and fit 6 plants into my 4x4.

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