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1000w Light question


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I'm currently using 400w MH and HPS bulbs in a 1.2*1.2*2.0 grow tent on my 4 females.

I have a 100mm fan set up to my carbon filter (Filter>Fan>Ducting out) as my take out.

I have no intake fan at the moment. I have a small clip on fan that I use to push fresh air in.

I have been able to maintain the temps at 24 - 28 but the humidity sometimes creeps up to 70%.

I am thinking about getting a 1000w light set up, hoping it will give a bigger yield. I have 5 SLH aged a couple of weeks now which I would like to use under a more powerful light setup.

Can I have some of your advice on how much hotter it will become in the tent and if I need to get bigger fans, how much more am I looking to pay for electricity etc.

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