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108 Days Clean - Pre Employment Urine Test Today - Feedback Appreciated


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Hi Guys, I had a pre-employment drug screen today after a total of 108 days clean. I'm a little worried about the faint lines I have been getting on my home tests. The test was with Quest Diagnostics

I am 5'11 169 pounds. I have been running 3.5 miles since January and stopped 4 days before my test.

This was my test February 2nd.

The round test I took yesterday and the stick test was done this morning 2nd piss of the day.


I diluted with water, green tea and Gatorade adding vitamin B. I wanted some peace of mind so after my lab test I went and bought another home test. This was the result

The lines are too faint for me to be comfortable. How can I possible be dirty 108 days after abstaining from mj? Also why is there such a color variance in the different brand tests? Why do the test lines look darker once they get past the "invalid results" timer usually 15 minutes
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